An Open Letter For The Girl Who Stole My Heart (part 2 of 3)

Dear Mila Alessandra,

The past twelve months (and a little more before that) had been a great journey for me. A journey i never knew I will be taking until you came. And there's no looking back.

August 15, 2013: We were admitted 3am at the ER of San Juan De Dios. They rolled me in to the delivery room and I didn't have your dad with me. I did not get to kiss your dad, probably for the last time. I decided I had to be strong for the three of us. No crying for mom. At 9am, I was wheeled in to the OR. I was too hungry and tired. After a gazillion push and liters of blood, tears, and sweat, at 9:45am, I saw you, my angel. And you had the cutest, sweetest smile ever. When you start signing slumbooks (if that still exists), remember that i am your first kiss. My first and last thought before I passed out: I will work hard to be deserving if this angel.

And work I did. Motherhood is the most fulfilling job I will ever have. You pay me with love. Your kiss is worth a million. Your smile, priceless. Each milestone you have is a great milestone for my new career. Here's a few favorites:

First Selfie

First Bath:

First Doctor's Visit:

First Real Smile:

First Costume:
First Fever:
First Solid Food: Carrots
You love vegetables and fruits. Your favorite viand is sinigang. 
First Words:Bab/Bam (that's what you call me, never "mom"), Daddy, mamam (milk) at 7 months

First Steps: you had been standing and walking with guidance at 5months. Your first independent steps happened on your 10th month

First Teeth: yeah, they came late but they seem to be making up for lost time. After 10months, your first 2 lower front teeth finally bursted out.

I know this is getting to be a long list. I'm having a hard time choosing what to share to you. I even planned on taking daily pictures for your 1st year but failed. As I was going through thousands of pictures, I realized there's no need to kick myself for missing a few days. As much as each day with you is special, I will not be with you 24/7. I cannot even promise to be with you on your next milestone. But I will be there when you need an arm to hug you, an ear to listen to your worries, a voice to guide you, or just someone to be next to you when you feel that the world is against you.

To be continued...

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