Calm Before The.. RainBOW

Lazy day for us today. We have a big week next week. I think this is the best time to recharge before all the hustle and bustle of our first big party.

It's actually too hard for me to just sit tight and relax. The stress and anxiety is creeping up on me. So I'm here, lying next to Mila and Hubs, typing away on my phone. I'm thinking, I need to do this and that, contact Mr. Photographer, get an update on the Photo Layout. Oh, the list goes on.

Then I happen to look up and here's my view:

They are too much alike. Dad busy watching NBA on his phone, Mila watching her nursery rhymes. She holds 'her own' phone like a pro. I didn't want Mila to be hooked on tech too early. Yet she sees us with our phone all the time, how can she not imitate us. I guess, everything should come in moderation. So it's time for me to put my phone down and go play with this princess. Forget about the party. I will enjoy this last week that I can really call her a baby.


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