Can I Be A SAHM?

One of our family goals is to get a stable business before Mila turns 5. Hopefully, that will allow me to be a stay-at-home mom. We know it wouldn't be easy. I've been part of the corporate life for 10years. The 2 months maternity leave I got was the longest time I did not have to report to work. The transition will be the hardest.

I know I have to start somewhere. I need to focus on the business now if we want it to be self sustained in a few years. I cannot focus on the business and clock in 9 hours a day at work. Not if I want to continue being a hands on mom to Mila. But those 9 hours is needed to fill in a big chunk on our monthly budget. So where to start?

I know I need help if I want to be a SAHM the soonest. I came across Manila Workshops through a Facebook post. They are currently hosting The WORK-AT-HOME Weekend Expo 2014. Working at home will allow me to continue putting up my share of the bills and get full control of my time to get the business up and have lots of spare time to be Mila. That is the most important.

This was originally offered as a series of different workshops. I cannot be any happier that all the sessions will be available in 1 day. Easier for me to schedule without missing too many weekend family bonding.

Two topics I am most interested in:
Business Idea Creation: How to Create a Need for Your Business & Services by Jeff Cua, and
Money Smarts: Beginner Level Investing & Personal Finance by Fitz Villafuerte

The Expo will be at the Insular Life Multi-purpose Hall on October 25 from 9am to 5pm.

Hope to meet new friends there!


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