#milaOOTD: Military Sunday

I should say I'm lucky to find a job that has fixed weekend offs. It allows me to make plans with Mila. Saturdays, we go to the park. Sundays, church day. At least that's the plan. I think most mothers would agree, having a strict schedule and following it is next to impossible when you have a kid.

This weekend, we're just staying home. My temperature had been spiking to 39°C since Friday. I already missed my little girl the whole Saturday since I was too sick to play with her. But I think Mila is just the medicine I need. No time to feel sick when you've got a sweetie to take care of.

Today, I'm feeling a little better and I can't resist playing dress up even if we got nowhere to go. I must say, it's getting harder to get a good picture since she started walking. Mila just can't stand still anymore. So here's our unedited #milaOOTD

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