#milaOOTD: These boots are made for walking...

Mila is getting more confident walking on her own now. She is tireless. We walked a block this morning when we went outside to buy breakfast. Of course, she had to stop and say hi to all the kids we passed.

Right after she finished her cup of Taho, she couldn't stay still and just had to stretch those legs some more. Same thing after lunch. This is usually the time for our OOTD, when she is less cranky being full and freshly cleaned up.

I wanted her to wear the Zara shorts before she outgrows them. I was looking for her brown fringe shoes to pair it with. Then I noticed the leopard boots that I know are still waaaayyyy too big. Who can resist leopard prints really? I was lucky to get a few good shots before she's off again to explore the whole house.

Just starting to find her groove

She's waving goodbye and blowing kisses. Ready to walk away from the shoot. 

My favorite naughty shot

Mila is finally napping, most likely, to store energy for some more leg practice later. I too am off to sleep to store energy for work later. Sweet dreams!


  1. Aww, such a cutie. She knows how to pose na and it seems na nasa mood magpapicture. :)

  2. She's so cute. Masunurin pag nagpipicture ang baby ko hindi e he prefers to play more :)

    1. Mila is too playful na din. Hirap na to keep her still.

  3. She's a natural, she knows when to pose for the camera! So cute!


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