Mila's First Birthday Party - Supplier Review

It's been more than a week since we celebrated Mila's 1st birthday. Planning started on April and I feel that four months still was not enough. We had to cram on a lot of stuff a few days hours before the big day (I'm a serial crammer). Let me give my excuse here: we got zero experience in party planning. My sisters and I do not celebrate our birthdays with parties. I think the last party my mom organized was for my youngest sister Paola's seventh birthday. It was a pool party at Splash Island in Binan, Laguna. Paola, is now 23.

As a newbie, I started by reading dozens of blogs and forums on kiddie parties. Pinterest became my favorite. It gave me lots of inspiration and DIY projects I want to do for the party. Smart Parenting forum is now my go to source for links to different suppliers. Here, real mommies share their first hand experience and links to their favorite suppliers. And everyone is nice enough to provide tips on organizing a party, small or big. I relied heavily on blog posts, feedback, and supplier reviews. This is when I found most of my favorite mommy bloggers now.

So to help out newbie mommies slash party planners too, I'll share my own supplier review.

VENUE: Kenny Rogers Roasters Quezon Avenue - 4 out of 5 stars
Hotline: 0917-5964825
Branch phone#: 929-2406 or 929-2408

I specifically chose this branch because they have a garden area. On hindsight, outdoor venue may not be best on an August party because rain can pour anytime. The alfresco area is covered so guest can stay dry even if there's a slight drizzle. Store Managers Mario and Lia are very accommodating. They made sure no one was booked on the second floor indoor party area so we can move if needed.

As expected, the food was great. A few guests complained about the spaghetti being too bland. It tasted great for me, but I should say it's not Jollibee spaghetti. We did not get the kiddie party amenities because it did not fit our theme. And even the manager said they will not be able to promise the supplier can provide the items because they were in the midst of finding a new one.

The only problem I had with them was the seating. I was initially informed that the area can accommodate up to 120 guests. I was expecting they have that much seats available. A week before the party, when I confirmed to them my head count of 70 adults and 30 kids, they said they only have tables and chairs for 60 adults. The rest, I have provide myself. I decided to rent 20 more seats plus those for the kids. When we were setting up, Mario told me the tables we will use for the cake, prizes, candies, etc. will be deducted from the tables allotted for us. So that meant we will not have enough for 70 pax? I wouldn't have any of it so I insisted they give me the agreed 60 seats. They came through in the end and I was still satisfied with the overall customer service.

PARTY HOST and BALLOON DECOR: Boogie and Friends - 4 out of 5 stars
Office Phone#: 02-9487588

As I mentioned on my previous post, I got their Silver Package. I bought a voucher from Metrodeal so I saved quiet a lot. This package includes:

1. Host/Clown: The two of them are really fun and entertaining. I was a little disappointed with the balloon twisting because their creations were very basic and a little amateurish. I did not see their magic show but hubs said it was great and kids and adults enjoyed so kudos to them. Hubs is a little too hard to please.

2. Ballonderitas and Ballon Pillars plus added Entrance Arch: I was suppose to design a tarp and standee to for the entrance but time run out. A day before the event, I called and asked to have an entrance arch added and they did. They asked me for the ballon colors and told them I want rainbow colors. I was expecting ROYGBIV. They gave me diff colored metallic ballons that does not do well on outdoor setting. I guess I should have been more specific. It's lucky their designer is good and still made it look festive.

3. Face Painting: I can't say much on this except that I like the designs I saw on the kids' faces and they seem to loved it. Or maybe kids just love having weird things on their face.
4. French Fries Food Booth: I was not able to taste it but it run out quick enough so I'd say it was a hit. I just wished they have a better looking booth.

The whole crew arrive 4 hours before the party. They even helped us set up some of our DIY decors. Everyone was polite and nice. The decorator was very apologetic for the balloon colors even before I noticed it. Again, customer service won me over so they still get a high rating.

PHOTO BOOTH: Fun-Filled Party - 5 out of 5 stars
Office Phone#: 02-6689811
Mobile#: 0932-2993626

Rachel is very nice to talk to. It felt like we were just brainstorming on party ideas rather than her selling me their services. There have different layouts to choose from on their Facebook Page but I ended up giving them my own and they just tweaked it to fit the photos better. I forgot to specify the back drop I want so that was my miss but their props are just what I like. Modern and clean, not the usual wigs and hats that are too common. The pictures look sharp. The print outs are of good quality paper. They even surprised me with a free magnetic print of our family photo which I adore.

FOOD and GAME BOOTHS:  Fun-Filled Party - 5 out of 5 stars

This came in a package I got with the Photobooth and it's really a good value for your money. Each food booth is good from 100 servings. I got the Nachos and Pearl Shake to add to the French Fries booth from BnF. Their setup looks better because it was an actual booth. Everyone loved the food and had to come back for more. This was really a good decision since guests had something to much on while waiting for the party to start and kids were not too cranky before the main meal was served.

For the game booths, we had Stand the Bottle and Ring Toss. Fun-Filled provided their own little token prizes so more loots for the kids. Adults got to try and have fun too.

They also offer other services such as hosting, balloon decorations, activity booths, etc. I would have gotten their other packages if I hadn't booked BnF already. I think for the next party, I will have their full event service. Yes, I'm already starting to plan Mila's second birthday party.

On that note, let me pause here. Mila is up and I want to have our own little morning party. I'll post the second part soon.

PS. This post will soon be updated with official pictures from the photographer. Stay tuned.

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