Orange Sunday

Hubs had been sick for a few days now so we decided we'll skip church this week. That means no Sunday Dress Up for Mila. Then Dad woke us up from our afternoon nap. He said he needed to finish something at work and we could wait up for him at Starbucks. So up we go for 3 reasons: 1. Mila gets to wear one of her outfits, 2. We get to practice walking, and 3. I can have Mila try her first Starbucks drink, the banana raspberry frap.

Almost all stores i Hub's building were closed including Starbucks so item 3 was a fail. McDonald's was our only option where we can sit down and wait for Dad. And what else would we do for the next 60 minutes? Take pictures!

Hope you too had enough fun this weekend to last you through the week.

Mom: Who wants to go out?  Mila: ME! ME! 

I'm ready to go mom! 
Holding her first ever Happy Meal Toy: Doraemon Stamper 
Hi everybody! 
It's an Orange Sunday for us both


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