Of Excessive Sweating and Morning Sniffles

This is what I came home to this morning. I couldn't help but laugh. See how covered her Ate Joy and her Tita Paullette are? Now where's Mila? She is already on the corner nearest the AC and she managed to get her pajama pants off, but she's still sweating like a pig.

As with almost everything else, she got that from her dad. They both get hot easily and have high tolerance for cold. It's always a struggle for me specially when she was just a few months old and too little. We co-sleep and I breastfeed. So the AC is on full blast, sometimes with the fan also on, and there I am freezing to death, almost half naked to get the Princess free access to the liquid gold. Who am I to deprive my baby of the comfort a cold freezer room will give her.

Now that she is a little older and alot more active, her sweating is on a whole new level. Her whole body sweat is manageable. It's really her head that drives me crazy. The little amount of hair she has can drip salties with just a few minutes of play. The oldies say it's because her brain is too active and it's a sign of intelligence. I know Mila is smart, sweaty or not.

A few months ago, my mom gave me a big bag of powdered tawas (Potassium Alum). She said I can use it to minimize Mila's sweating. I was hesitant at first because I'm not sure if it's safe. Until I got desperate. Based on Medical Health Guide, Tawas is safe for use even for infants, lactating and pregnant women. It is hypoallergenic and I even use it as a mouthwash when I have mouth sores.

So one specially hot, sweaty day, I added a tablespoon of tawas to a small basin of water. I used that for final rinsing during bath time. Lo and behold, she's still sweaty. Haha. I should have known since tawas is not antiperspirant but a it's a good deodorizer and antibacterial. Mila as usual, had tiny beads like raindrops on her head but she still smelled nice. No wet dog odor at all. Well, I don't think she smells that bad, but you get what I mean.

I 'm still using tawas to keep her smelling like a baby. To keep her dry and fresh, we use baby powder - Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder. Talc can settle on baby's lungs and cause all kinds of respiratory issues and more. I'm very careful about eliminating talc around Mila since we have a history of asthma in the family.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is a talc-free biodegradable powder that is an absolute delight. Because it is made of rice starch, it's safe even if inhaled. It effectively keeps Mila dry and fresh. I use it on my face too as a setting powder. I breakout easily and the natural ingredients not only keeps the oil at bay, it does not block my pores. When Mothercare opened in Glorietta, we bought a tube of their liquid powder worth P400. Our first Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder only cost about P99.00 from Landmark. Great value!

 Rice Baby Powder and Cold Rub

Speaking of Landmark, I recently found another gem in there - the GIGA display shelf. I'm not sure if they had been selling GIGA for a while now but it's the first time I've noticed that one shelf near the escalators next to the Human Nature display. GIGA products are locally made and all natural. They have soaps, aromatherapy oils, pet care, and baby products. We had been using the GIGA Tea Tree Cream purchased months ago in a stall in Megamall during. It's way too far from us so I didn't know if I'll be able to buy more. Then I chanced upon them in Makati, right across where I work. Yey! I got a small pot of GIGA Baby Cold Rub. Right in time when tropical storm Mario is wrecking havoc and the whole household got slight colds. For P115 (10gms size), I find it a little expensive though.

I wish this will help with Mila's morning sniffles. Almost everyday, she got runny nose when she wakes up. There are nights too that she just can't sleep because of her colds. Her pedia said it's allergies and suggested higher dose of vitamin C. I think it's because the room is almost always too cold. It's hard to balance really. I don't want her sweaty and uncomfortable, but the cold air can cause her sniffles. Vicks helps her breath better yet I find it too strong. GIGA Baby Cold Rub seems to be delivering as promised. I'll pose a more thorough review when we get to use it some more.

Product Shot
This is why our GIGA Cold Rub label had been partially peeled off. Those teeth will gnaw on anything.

For mommies (or daddies) who had to deal with excessive sweating and mornings sniffles, any suggestions to a noob mommy like me?


  1. Lol. Sounds familiar. :) Audric and I also have a high tolerance in cold. ;)

  2. Mommy, you're an angel! Thank u for sharing what powder u'r using. Same case here. Super pawisin pero sa head lng. Ending, the aircon's on whenever she's inside the house. Laki ng kuryente ko :)

  3. My son and I also have high tolerance in cold. I have tried Tiny Buds. I like that its organic and smells good. Ang hirap lang hanapin.

  4. Hi mommy! My baby has the same thermostat as yours too! I just let it be! I believe it's normal. I don't use powder because it might cause more allergies. Feeling ko the more I make pigil like putting powder the more her pores might get clogged. Sometimes I just think maybe it's her body's way of getting rid of toxins or something. I just make sure she gets correct ventilation (which unfortunately
    Very costly because it means turning the aircon on) and drink a LOT of fluid too.
    Oh yes we love GIGA cold rubs too. She also has a tendency to get the allergic cold, I just let it be as well. I don't give her meds unless she has fever already for 3 days. I believe the body has a way to naturally heal. So on the first few days, I give her more oranges and apple juices that are either cold pressed or in solid form. Most of the time she recovers quickly from them! Hope all is well with your baby now!! Sometimes nakaka praning esp since I'm a new mom as well :)

  5. My blog pala is www.glowingbelle.com and www.lifeisgelato.com
    Hope you could drop by as well mommy! Good day!

  6. My son is the same. He sweats a lot, too, even when he is in Baguio. Nilalamig na lahat ng tao, sya konting laro lang, pagpapawisan na. I use baby powder as well, though different brand. I've seen Tiny buds in Toys R Us and SM department store but I haven't tried it yet. I think I'll give it a try.. :)

  7. I think kids these days are really mainitin and sweaty.. My daughter is like that as well until now that she's 6 years old. I put Milcu Porder on her armpit after bath.

  8. Mike (partner) grew up in LA and with that, he is not used to our weather yet. Although, my youngest was born here, they both have the same issue- they sweat like pigs! hahaha..:) I guess, mainitin talaga kasi kids.. I use J&J yung cool variant.. and it helps naman...:)

  9. I also use Giga Cold Rub! :) Super effective for Skye. :) Pag mukhang nagka-clogged nose or runny nose, baby rub agad before sleep and she'd wake up refreshed and sniffles-free. :)


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