A Letter To My Husband

Dear Mic,

You said you don't need a celebration on your birthday. I planned on booking a staycation for us, you wanted to just snuggle at home. I want us to indulge on a good buffet, you said you'll just cook great food.

Honey, you changed so much within those 6 birthdays we celebrated together. Remember the first one? That was the time I met most of your cousins, the WTC group. You wanted to have a big party, lots of food and booze. Even if it was your day, you didn't leave my side knowing I was too anxious on how the family would accept me. Needless to say it was a happy birthday.

Last year was the most special. We had our first night out together after a while. It was in Bluewave where we welcomed your 32nd with great kebab and some beer. That was the same place we used to talk for hours drinking coffee, when you were still trying to make me fall in love. But that's not what made last year special. Mila did. Your 32nd was your first birthday with Mila, our greatest gift ever. So I guess you are only two years old today. Because Dad, you were reborn when we were gifted with our wonderful Mila Alessandra.

You stayed the same and changed a lot at the same time. You grew up. We both did. We knew how to love. We learned how to love unconditionally, selflessly. You always knew your priorities. Mila put everything in focus and I can see hard you are now working to achieve our goals.

My heart gets filled every time I get home in the morning and see you and Mila sleeping peacefully, with our little girl's head on your chest, feeling so secured. I couldn't help but be proud everytime she shouts "DAAAAADDDDDD". That just means I picked the best dad for her. Someone who is present in her life and will be there everytime she needs someone to protect her, love her, spoil her. She knows you too well and she knows how much you can't resist her charms.

You always say we are your inspiration. Thank you dad, because you inspire us too. Even if I hate Lebron, I get to love him for you. It's contagious how passionate you are. Your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, workmates, they do look up to you. The confidence you have is matched with actions and reliability. We know you walk the talk. You are not only a manager, you are a leader.

There maybe a lot of times when we don't seem to understand each other. We are both hard headed and got too much pride. When I'm just about to give up, you stand your ground and hold on to me. If you were not man enough to swallow your pride, maybe I will not have a little girl who had clearly stolen from my heart. Thank you!

A strong woman needs an even stronger man to guide her, to inspire her, and allow her to bloom. You are that man for me. 

silly face
You are the only one who can put up with my craziness. (photo: 11/10/12)
To my source of strength, my competitor, my inspiration, my husband, my partner, Happy birthday Baby!



Dear Dad,

To my Kamukha, I love you so much po. Thank you for taking care of me even if you sometimes make me cry. Thank you for loving mom the way you do because that makes her happy and it makes me happy too. 
When I do something naughty, please remember that my first work id DAD, so you can't be mad. That's because you are my favorite (just don't tell mom). 
Happy Birthday Dad! Mom and I love you more than I love boob milk. And that's plenty!

I love you more than I love Boob Milk


Your Cupcake MILA

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