Mila Went to: Food & Drinks Asia 2014

FOOD & DRINKS ASIA 2014 and FOOD FRANCHISING 2014 is happening at the World Trade Center, Manila from September 4-7, 2014. I got 2 complimentary tickets and decided to go after my work on Saturday, Sept 6. It was suppose to be just Hubs and I. When it was time to go, it was too hard to leave Mila since Saturdays are suppose to be our day. So off we go with a cutie in tow.

I'm glad we went Saturday since Sept 4-6 is open for Trade Business Visitors only and Sunday will be open for everyone. There were less people that what I normally encounter when we attend Christmas Bazaars in WTC. Mila was in her stroller the whole time and there's enough space to easily navigate around each booth as I sample all the food that I can. It may not be the same tomorrow. And on that note, don't bring your kid's stroller because it's not allowed. The grumpy guide wouldn't even let Hubs get inside the building with the stroller like it was a bomb. We only got in because Peter from Fly Ace said we can just leave it at the booth when he gave us our tickets, so thank you.

I lost my phone which I use to take pictures so I assigned the task to Hubs. Our first order of business: eat lunch. There are alot of choices but we opted for the one with big space snd comfortable sitting which is at the back of the venue, right next to the stage. We had 2 small cups of newly cooked spaghetti given by Hunts to sample. Mila finished it off with a bottle of milk. With a full tummy, I knew Mila is ready to snooze off and Hubs and I are ready to roam.

From the first to the last booth, we were awed by the great products and discounts available. I don't think I skipped a single booth offering free taste. There were coffee, cheese, chips, juice, hotdog and ham, popcorn and candies. I could have skipped lunch and I'll be full by the time we get out.

We had been talking about having our own business. Food is on the top of our choices but we both know there's a lot we need to know about the industry. Franchising will allow us to get started easily with a well-established system and support group that can guide us for success. If we choose wisely, it will have a lesser chance of failure.

Out of hundreds of exhibitors, Hubs was most Tapa Out. He loves the word play with Tap Out and I think it's because of how manly the whole setup is. He said he'd be the cook and hed do it with flare. My favorite was Barangay Burger. It's like Angel's Burger except it has rice meals, siopao, hotdogs and even pizza. I think the variety and it's price point will work well for consumers. I also like the nice pretty lady on their booth.

There is a series of Entrepreneur Technical Seminar offered daily. The topics are (1) Starting an Enterprise with a Business Idea, (2) Wanted Perfect Market, (3) Getting The Best Person For You, and (4) Effectively Managing Your Cash Flow. All these will be helpful for handling our future business venture. I wish we were able to attend all four.

As it is, we decided to get as much flyers we can so we can discuss them at home. It took us about two hours to cover the whole venue. We didn't get to buy a lot since we had Mila with us and we have no car to put everything in. Just when we were ready to go home, Mila decided it's time to wake up. So she really just game mom and dad time to shop peacefully. I guess she also wanted us to be able to focus on our possible future business venture.

Our IDs are valid for next week at the Asia Food Expo and we'll be back.


  1. Love her headband, I want those crabs!

  2. Oh my gosh, that food selection is luuurve! If there's one thing I can't resist buying, it's gotta be food!

  3. fooooooods! I love crabs! I should have emptied my tummy before going to food expo like this, I also love the idea of putting up a food business, hopefully next year :)

  4. I was there too. But we go Sunday together with my husband. I was able to buy these cute cheese from Korea. Ang sarap. We enjoy the Miguellito mascots dancing around. We bought lots of ingredients for cup cakes and all kind of juices. Ang mura hehehe

  5. I was supposed to go on Sunday but I had other matters to attend to. My husband and I would have probably gone on a sample eating spree there. Haha!

  6. I was supposed to go there on Sunday like Mommy Nicole but my kids wanted to go elsewhere.

    The food choices were tempting! Butas ang bulsa 'pag nagkataon! Lol!:)

    All-Around Pinay Mama

    1. Naku, tama ka dyan. Butas bulsa din kami. Buti nakang kasama si Mila kaya nakapaglimit kahit papano. Ü


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