#milaOOTD: Wearing Hearts (and Dad Says No To Boys)

We attended a cousin's Christening last Saturday. It was just me, ate Joy, Tita Paullette and Mila. No Dad. He was still at a work-related event and he keot bugging me for pictures so I sent him this:

His reaction was simple but it got me rolling in laughter.

Dad says not to boys yet. 

What's with Dads and their daughter's? I wonder how it will be when Mila goes to school and meet more boys. I bet Hubs will be out of his mind crazy when Mila learns to share her heart with another guy. For now, we're happy to have Mila wear her long-sleeved heart shirt before she wears her heart on her sleeves.

Had been eyeing thise balloons 
Until she got what she want and run off with it
She already knows how to work the photo booth
H&M Long-sleeved heart shirt + White Celestina&Co tutu + Pink Maryjanes
With sweet kuya Denzel checking out Elmo


  1. What an adorable little princess! Thanks for sharing all these great photos with us at Together on Tuesdays :)

    1. Thank you! I hooe to see and meet mire bloggers through Together on Tuesdays. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Mic showed this pic to us during the TLAD event, she's so cute!

    1. Haha. Now you know why he left early and had to rush to meet us. ;)


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