CoKid Lab's Playgroup - More Than Just Play

We stay in a neighborhood where kids shouts expletives like it's a prayer. Needless to say, I don't want Mila exposed to that kind of language and behaviour. That's why we don't go out of the house often. Play dates are mostly with adults or we have to wait for weeks before we can visit cousins who are actually still babies younger than her. This made Mila somewhat shy and I'm not even sure how she would interact with other kids. When teacher Karen of CoKid Lab posted an invite on Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I grabbed the chance to sign up for a trial Playgroup. I thought it will be a chance to test the water before getting Mila enrolled on any class or setup play dates.

What is CoKid?
"CoKid is an organization devoted to serving the Filipino children through seminars, workshops, and tutorials focusing on innovation in progressive education and child development. aims to inspire teachers, parents and anyone working with children to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, and create the future of child development."
As what is posted in CoKid.Org, the organization focuses on innovative, out of the box activities that will engage kids for a fun learning. They offer center or home-based tutorials, playgroups, and seminars & workshops for teachers and parents. They also offer unique party packages that the teachers facilitate to make learning part of the celebration.

The CoKid Lab's Playgroup we attended is a home-based weekly program available for toddlers (1-2yo), juniors (3-4yo), or seniors (5-6yo). The 1.5 hour-long class can be as intimate as 2 students, and runs for 4 or 8 weeks

For more information, you can visit their website 

Our Experience

It was a short notice when we went to Makati for our scheduled trial Playgroup. There, we met Teacher Karen and Teacher Pat. Within that one hour session, I realized one thing. CoKid is not the "daycare" nor any regular playschool I was expecting. 

We were at least 15 minutes early and Mila got to explore the center by herself. When I say explore, she really did walk from one end of the room to the other, covering the whole floor. She got to play with the pens, books, blocks, and other toys already waiting for those little hands. I think that helped her get a good feel of the new surrounding without the fear of other kids interfering.

Teacher Karen was very engaging and looks so sweet. She even got my snobbish Mila to like her. Mila got to play with 2 boys, a 3 years old sweet boy and a 13 month old future basketball player (at the same age, he is a head taller than Mila). We sang, danced, read books and practice writing on the wall. Oh, Mila did not do much of those. She was on supervisor mode. She just really walked and walked and walked. She kept going back to the book shelf and check out each book with ducks on them. But I see the curiosity in her eyes and I know she is just trying to observe. That's just Mila when presented with new things. She did the dance a couple of hours later when we were home and I played the same song. Teacher Karen never forced Mila to sit still or join in. She sometimes calls Mila's attention by calling her name with a smile. Mila will just stop, smile back, and off she goes again. 

Teacher Pat showed us how to play with colander and fuzzy wires. It was very simple but the 3 toddlers loved them. I actually had bought fuzzy wires that we play with at home too. Mila loved lessons on colors, including the big Crayola felt sticks. Then we had craft time which is my favorite. It was the first time I had craft time with Mila and I enjoyed a lot. Maybe more than the little girl. 

With Teacher Karen
With Teacher Pat 
Mila loves the fuzzy wires 
Match the Color with Mom and Teacher Karen 
Craft time!  
Mila's favorite corner : the book shelf 
Write. Run. Repeat.

I can see how different lessons are incorporated on each activity. We learned colors, movements, texture, new song and dance to develop motor skills. Story time had kids learning about animals, their sounds and colors too. It was all play for the kids and the whole 1 hour passed by so quickly. Mila didn't even felt the need to stop supervising. 

We are planning on signing up for a full term class, if only to get Mila to have a regular play date. Hopefully, we'd get our work schedule settled and have Nanay Dina fully trained soon so we can attend our CoKid Lab's Playgroup. 


  1. cokid seems like a good organisation,you had a great experience with them there.

  2. Interesting post. I have a 5-year old niece and I think I should suggest this to her parents. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. The little princess is absolutely adorable! Glad you found a good place for her to play.

  4. What an amazing activity for kids. Your child is so cute! If I could only kiss her :)

  5. Oh, interesting, this is the first time I heard about this program. Good to see that kids seemed like they were only playing but learning too :D


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