Mila is 14

Mila at 1 and 2

Oh wow! It's been two months since Mila's first birthday. What happened to those 8 weeks? I feel like it was just a second ago and I haven't done anything. Yet it feels too long ago too because of all the things that happened. So what's new with Mila?

Hey, she got to say Mommy. Maybe once? Twice? I'll take it. She yells MA! When she gets frustrated. I guess that means she still relies to me to attend to her needs. Daddy is her go to word when she is happy and excited. Yeah, Dad means fun.

When I don't like what she's doing, all I do is look at her intently or say "what did Mommy tell you?". She would either stop and look for other things to do or, most of the time, she'd come up to me and smooth the creases on my brows and kiss me endlessly. Or more accurately, bite my nose.

Duckies remain to be the favorite animal/toy. She can recognize them well, on any form. Mila yells with delight when she sees ducky merchandise on store shelves. She sometimes do that with monkeys too. Loud dogs scare her but loves to touch the little ones. Cats on the street would cause her to pause and stare. I think it's time for a trip to the zoo real soon.

This tiny little girl has great appetite. She can finish off a big slice of cheesecake if I allow her to. She knows how to ask for more and often requests for snacks. Yup, she learned how to sign More, Eat, Drink, Please, and All Done that same night I went home from attending the Baby Sign Language and Understanding Your Toddler Workshop. Proud mom here. We also skipped the sippy cups. Since I read that those cups do not do anything for baby's development and can cause more harm, we decided the spills can be dealt with. We went from boobs to bottle to adult cups. We're working on using the spoon now. Maybe in a month or so, we'll have less mess.

Mila decided she will develop her motor skills first before her language. She can walk a couple of blocks to buy breakfast with me. When we get home, it's "runway" time. That's when we walk back and forth across our tiny apartment while looking at ourselves on the mirror. She won't let me sit down as long as she is still in the mood to walk. That's my daily exercise and boy do I sweat a lot. Like with any kid at the park, when Mila gets tired, she stops to get a drink. Other kids go to the water fountain. Mila reaches out to me for booby milk. Yup, I'm still a milk factory to this 14 month old milk monster. I'm gonna miss this when she starts weaning.

Hay, how can I slow down time?

Mila at 2 months, 1 year ago.

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