Trending Now: Princess Sarah Potato Memes and My Top 10 Favorite

To whoever started the Princess Sarah Potato memes, THANK YOU! It had been a while since I saw original memes that made me laugh hard.

To you, Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa, you had made my childhood great. I dont think I missed a single episode of this cartoon. I know I begged my mom to watch the movie in the cinema even if she dredded going to movie houses. I don't think there will ever be the same princess that Mila will get to know as much as I did you. I know, OA. But heck, I really love Miss Sarah Crew.

If you're asking what's with all the potato, I'd assume you were born in year 2000+ or had been living under the rock during the 90s. To answer you, there's no episode of the series without them. And Sarah is almost always peeling potatoes. Here are some of my favorite Sarah and the Potato memes from around the net:

For those who said "Wake me up when September ends" 
Who can resist Twister Fries? 
Sarah's Christmas wish? Tons of Potatoes to peel. 
Potatoes can be your shoulder to cry on
Nothing but peeled Potato, ok?  
Is Potato Corner behind these memes? If so, well played 
Ok, that all of us
Sarah is doing the Ice Bucket before any of us ever did. So ahead of her times
And that's why I love Sarah. I can relate. 
This is just downright funny

A side story. Hubs said they lived the life of Sarah when they were younger. His cousin was Sarah, he is Becky. Miss Minchin was their Aunt. They cannot eat until they're done peeling potatoes mopping the floor or making the bathroom tiles sparkly white. That aunt is now one of our favorite Titas and Mila's biggest fan. 

Maybe with Princess Sarah's recent popularity, local channels may think of broadcasting the cartoon series again. Mila and I will watch it together for sure. For now, here's a Potato to keep you company. ;)

Update: According to, "Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa," along with "Marcelino Pan Y Vino" will make a comeback on television on October 13! Yey! 


  1. i like potatoes

  2. All the memes are too funny. Ever since it came out I just had to follow the fanpage. Your compilation nailed it!

  3. Whoever started this whole Princess Sarah meme is a comedic genius! If I feel down or tired after a long day, these memes never fail to make me laugh. I also like the Lavinia Herbert memes! So hilarious.

  4. The Princess Sarah memes are really funny especially the twister fries ones.

  5. First time i heard and see this, what does memes means by the way, i have also watch this tv series before.

  6. Nice meme..Hahaha you made me laugh too. I also a fan of Sara..


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