The Inevitable Yaya Tale Featuring Nanay Dina

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We are training a new yaya - Nanay Dina. For the past 3 helpers we had, they really don't have much experience with kids, just pure love for Mila. So my husband required the new yaya to know a lot about toddlers, specially since Mila is growing up too fast. We wanted someone who has kids too so she'd have the patience only a mother has. Well, we got one. Thank you God.

I knew we can't get all that we wished for. With Nanay Dina, I feel like there will be tons of yaya tales flooding this page. She is 57 years old and had no electricity at home. They have pump for water and uses coal for cooking. Really old school. Her first task was to cook rice. I showed her how to turn on the stove. Easy Peesy. She just needed to wait for it to get done. I went upstairs and had our morning nap. I woke up to the smell of burning rice. Apparently, I didn't show her how to turn off the stove. So she was just there staring at it, trying to figure out what to do, waiting for me to wake up. Hay, I guess that was my bad?

I can only pray that she will be good to Mila.

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