15 on 15 (Now is When You Do It)

Mila dear, we mark your 15th month today. I'm reading this to you right now because I want to tell you this: Be a Doer. Be brave in trying new things. Take that step. Even if you fall, you can always get up. Then try again. Dad and I will be here to guide you. But you have to be the one to do the things you need to do. We cannot experience the world for you, nor shelter you. I want you to be a trailblazer and not be be afraid of creating your own path. Explore. Learn. Act.

Go babe, run and explore

If you can’t find the right words to use,
use the words you have.
If you’re not sure what to do,
just get busy and do what you can. 
The way to learn how to improve whatever you’re doing
is to do it.
The more experience you give yourself,
the more readily you’ll see how to make it better. 
When you have the desire to make a difference,
start doing whatever you can.
The most effective way to figure out what to do
is to figure it out as you go along. 
What might sound good in theory
probably won’t work in practice.
Jump right in to the real world,
and you’ll learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t. 
You are at this moment just a few seconds away
from beginning to achieve whatever you wish to achieve.
Get started, and keep going. 
Achievement belongs to those who act.
Now is when you do it. 
- Ralph Marston

This was first shared to me by our (Pogi) Boss Terence. I'm yet to meet him personally but he is one of the most inspiring, sincere person I've know. He has this endless pit of positive thoughts he shares daily and I've told him I will steal this from him.


  1. Happy 15th Month Mila. You are growing up so fast. Stay as sweet as beautiful as you are. Be a good girl and don't be afraid to explore things. Your mom and dad loves you so much!

  2. So sweet...:) Enjoy your day, Mila.:) Explore the world with mum and dad.. :) I love this quote: "Achievement belongs to those who act." I must share this!

  3. I also want my son to create his own path, I don't want him to follow our path because I know that he can do more so whatever path that he will take, we will just support him.

  4. Happy 15th to your baby!
    I love that poem- thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, that's very inspiring and sweet. :) Happy 15th month to your precious little one. :)

  6. This is really sweet. Happy 15th month to your little one :)

  7. The most effective way to figure out what to do is to figure it out as you go along -- YES! This is reality. Some things we learn as we move out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. :) Happy 15th little one!

  8. Hello Mila, good job! Stay happy and sweet. :) Happy 15th month!

  9. Happy birthday Mila! :) Pareho tayo ng views Paulline. I want my baby to explore the world on her own. I am so afraid of being an overly protective mum. I don't want to spoil my child and shelter her from the pains of this world. Kasi she will never learn. Ganun ako pinalaki ng parents ko. Independent. Strong-willed. Achiever. Sana magawa ko the same for my baby. Pero ang hirap pala. Ang hirap na hayaan sila. Kung pwede ko lang itago sa saya ko para hindi masaktan. hahaha! Motherhood is crazy

  10. I love the poem! It's very inspiring! Sometimes it still amazes me how babies grow up soo fast. Your baby is now 15 months, soon she'll be a young lady and turn into a beautiful woman. Bringing up a child isn't easy, especially instilling them the right values. But I must congratulate you mommy for being such a loving mommy to your Mila! I'm sure she'll grow up as a fine lady with character!

  11. I love the poem and I really love your "advice" to Mila! I want Yuri to grow up being a doer, too. Happy 15th month!

  12. Happy 15th month pretty! :) It's good to know that many moms want to cultivate independence to their children at an early age. My daughter is 16-month old and as early as now I'm teaching her independence through Independent Play. :)

  13. Wow! big girl na! See you mommy (and baby) on Sunday!

  14. Yay to the 15th month of you baby girl. She's growing so fast and looks like she's a sweet little baby. Enjoy every single day.


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