Everyday Me Welcomed Me with P900 Worth of Discounts

For more then one year that I've been ordering a lot of stuff online (and occasionally selling too), I think I know all the delivery guys from different couriers that service our area. So when someone new knocked on the gate yesterday looking for my name, I was a little hesitant since (1) I don't know the guy, and (2) I did not order anything recently. Turned out he came bearing gifts!

At first I though he said "Welcome kit po from Citibank" when I asked what it is he's giving me. But I'd had my Citibank account for a while so it can't be from them. And it's pink! The poor guy was in a hurry to get out of the heat so I did not get to inquire further. When I found out what I got, I just laughed at myself for thinking Citibank. Ang layo!

Welcome Kit

The package was actually a Welcome Kit from Everyday Me. It was a surprise because I really had forgotten about it and I'm not even sure when I signed up on the website. I remember one of my favorite mommy bloggers Rowena shared her experience during the launch and I got intrigued. What is Everyday Me you ask? Here's what's on their about page:

"At EverydayMe, we believe that the only difference between an ‘ordinary’ day and an ‘extraordinary’ day is the little ‘extra’. 
At EverydayMe we’re committed to inspire, support, and empower you to unlock the extraordinary potential in your everyday. Everything we do is about listening to what you really need, and as a result bringing you great ideas, advice, and products. (EverydayMe is an online platform created by Procter & Gamble.)"

I am yet to really explore the website so my opinion on it will have to follow later. What I can tell you is that I already bookmarked a few articles such as DIY Kid's dresses, Kim Jones' fashion related notes, a couple of recipes, and lots of toddler activities Mila and I could do. Based on the headers, the website contains topic on Family Life, Food, Health and Wellbeing, Home and Garden, Beauty, Smart Shopping, and even Horoscope. Registered members can also submit their own content! You can share your tips and advice, recipes, and reviews of the P&G products you love (or hate). What a great way to build an online community.

Because I signed up to be a member, I got this awesome welcome kit with coupons and discounts for P&G Products. These alone makes everyday Me happy!

Welcome Note

Membership Card
I'm just wondering where's the booklet to show where I can us the membership card as it says on the welcome note that there's one. 

Downy and Ariel Discount Vouchers
Downy and Ariel

Safeguard and Pantene Discount Vouchers
Safeguard and Pantene

Herbal Essense and Vidal Sasson Discount Vouchers
Herbal Essense and Vidal Sassoon

Oral B and Olay Discount Vouchers
Oral-B and Olay

The website said they may send free samples and offer great discounts with your membership card so I will watch out for that. 

You too can register for free at https://www.everydayme.com.ph/page/registration and get welcomed with P900 worth of discounts.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post nor am I affiliated with Everyday Me or P&G (except for being a member). I just want to share the experience with you ND maybe you want those discounts too. :) 

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