How We Celebrate November First

The How's your weekend so far? Did you go to the cemetery to visit your departed loved ones? Or did you go out of town on a family outing? Are you just like us who preferred to stay home?

Well, technically, we're not staying home. Last night, we celebrated Hubs' cousin Paul's birthday and we stayed in their house for the night. When we were just starting in our relationship, Hubs and I were almost always here every Saturday night and we'd sleep over so we can go to church the next day since it's near their place. Paul's mom, Auntie, already designated an unused room to be (un)officially ours. So Paul's place is also home for us.

It's been more than a year since we visited. You know how difficult it is to travel with a baby when you don't have your own car. It's a holiday though so the roads are clear and off we went from one end of edsa to the other and more.

We have Mila with us for the long overdue playdate with her cousins. Because we still had hangovers from the Halloween, the two babies got to dress up again. Their Aunt still owes them candies.

The boys had their drinking session. It's funny because now that they're all Dads, the conversation topics seem a little more grown up too. Well, maybe it's just because if their age. Us ladies had a feast - with food and stories. The kids had a blast playing nonstop.

As others celebrate All Souls and All Saints Day, we were at home celebrating life.

Mila and Hubs are still sound asleep. Later, at church, we'll say our thanks for a healthier Mila, our prayers for the souls of the departed, and a wish for another great week ahead.

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