#milaOOTD: Urban Princess

It was Pedia day yesterday. I really don't wanna go, if I can help it. We're scheduled for another immunization and it costs a whopping P5,000. Sometimes, I just can't take how expensive vaccines are. But I'll save that for another post.

Since I want to do what I can to keep Mila safe and healthy, off we go to the doctor. Of course, it's dress up time. Got Mila in her Old Navy jumper skirt I got at a discount (last day of sale today, all Kids' clothes at 25% off). I put out 3 shirts and Mila picked the one she liked - tribal print cropped top.  Her shoes are still the favorite Dakotas from Mhytle Kids. Oh, she also picked that crown vs. the feather headband I wanted. The Gingersnaps Indian Necklace was added as a pocket accessory, just something she can play with, really. 

So here's our #milaOOTD: Urban Princess.

While waiting for the cab
Oh, there's my Cab! 
BTS: Caught getting stuff from mom's bag. Oh oh! "Get the camera away from me mom!" 

What do you think? The girl has style huh?

On a side note, our pedia always tells us to do cold compress 3 times every 30 minutes when we get home so the area would not get inflamed. My problem is, Mila sleeps immediately right after the first. So that we won't wake her up, Hubs decided to just put Kool Fever. I'm not sure if that's effective or if anyone else does that. We discovered this trick when one time, Mila woke up crying because her legs are inflammed and super hot due to the vaccine. We put Kool Fever to disperse the heat and we massaged it. That worked so we do it most of the time now. Any else one tried that or perhaps you can share your tips too?


  1. I like the jumper skirt, so cute. My son's pedia prescribed paracetamol after vaccine, it depends sa vaccine, kung masyado daw mabigat baka lagnatin. We seldom go to pedia na kasi booster shot na lang kami. Pero first two years talaga, butas bulsa.

  2. Super mahal talaga ng mga vaccines ngayon, pero importante talaga yun eh, pikit mata nalang tayo sa paglabas ng pera. Good thing I have a friend na pedia, sya ang nag iinject kay Rhian so may discount. :) Ang cute ni mila ha, I love the shoes and jumper. Bumagay rin yung damit nya sa suot nyang crown. ^_^

  3. Your little princess is super cute and very fashionista! Sobrang expensive nga ng vaccines ng mga bata pero para dahil makakabuti sa kanila yon, sabi nga ni mommy Rackell e pikit mata na lang tayo maglalabas ng pera. We've been very blessed here in UAE kasi lahat ng vaccines ng mga bata free binibigay sa government hospitals. Sana in the future gawin din ng Philippine govt yun.

  4. I hear you about the vaccines. Super expensive talaga but also necessary. Aliw naman daughter mo, talagang pinili yung crown. She's the princess of your life daw. :)

  5. Super cutie Mila! :) Love dressing the girls up!


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