Say Good Morning To Strangers

It's my happy Monday again! Let's agree to start the day wonderful with the hope that it will stretch to a wonderful week.

I've been mostly offline this weekend because I'm trying to have some tech-free time with the family. Today, I'm trying to catch up on my reading. Erica of Rikx Knows Best had shared some tips on starting the month right. The first tip: "Always flash a wide and genuine smile to a stranger, your friends, family, and love ones" reminded me of my after work 'friend'.

Construction worker with broom

About a year and a half ago, our office moved to a new building. I was already 5 months pregnant with Mila that time. On my way home, I always pass the construction site right across the street. The time I go out of work is right about the time workers are coming in to start their day.

Then one morning, I heard someone said "Good Morning Ma'am". I knew it was addressed to me. But I just ignored it because I don't want any attention. And my though was that it's from another creepy construction guy. No offense meant but that's the cliche right?

The next morning, there's another "Good Morning Ma'am!" coming my way. I was raised not to talk to strangers so I just go on my way without even raising my head.

Third day, same "Good Morning Ma'am" with great enthusiasm. I looked just to check if I know him. I don't. Off I go, walking a little faster.

The "Good Morning Ma'am" came in everyday for the whole week until I was just too curious not to ignore it. I though, this can't be from a stranger. And he greets with a lot of gusto, you feel he really wants you to have a good morning.

I knew he's not trying to get my attention for nothing. It can't be because I'm a set lady passing by, I was too heavy with Mila. I think he can't be to distract me to get my bag or anything, there were too many security guards around.

I asked a colleague to check up on him. Turned out that the guy is just a really very nice person. He sweeps around the construction area, always carrying his broom with long wooden handles. Every morning, he would stop what he is doing to greet passers by. Not everyone, but mostly those with a frown on their face.

Ok, so I was frowning most of the time. It's something I do intentionally when I pass the area so I will not look friendly and keep people off my way. That was my defense.

When I found out he does that to everyone, the next day, I decided to say "Good Morning" back to him. No, I didn't stop. I just said it pretty much to my back.

That exchange went on a few months. Until I gave birth. I was on leave for a good while. I pretty much forgot about my "God Mornings"

A few weeks after going back to work, I heard it again. This time it was "Good Morning Ma'am. Kaya po pala kayo nawala, nanganak na kayo. Buti po safe kayo. Ingat po kayo and yung baby nyo palagi!" That felt so genuine and sweet I couldn't help but smile. I said my thanks and off I go. That was a  very good morning for me to say the least.

From then on, he is my constant good-morning friend. I sometimes even say good morning to him first. I still haven't had the courage to really talk to him beyond our morning greetings though.

Because of him, I know now what a great feeling it is to just say Hi to strangers or wish someone else a good morning. A quick genuine smile can really brighten up a day!

Good Morning!!!


  1. Good Morning :)
    First, I wanted to try that tech-free time for myself becuase I always make sure to be tech-free each time with family.

    Second, a genuine good morning just always brightens up a day :)

    1. The tech-free time is getting to be a challenge for most right?

  2. This is a practice that I know most people in overseas do and I wish this could be a practice to do in our country as well.

  3. Good morning!

    What a nice manong, and I totally get you about construction workers sometimes doing cat calls on women.

  4. Having a positive outlook in the morning will give you a stress free day. A bit of smile and a simple words really makes different in our mood

  5. Aww what a great life lesson from a most unexpected source! Good morning to you! :)

  6. That is such a nice story. I'm wary of strangers and construction sites too because I've received so many unwanted catcalls from creepy workers before. It's so good to know that there are still men out there who are just really nice.

  7. Morning stranger , nice write up.

  8. That's sweet. It's amazing when strangers bring smiles.

    Great to have you partying with us at Wake Up Wednesdays.


  9. Wow! Loved this post. Only thing I could not understand is "Kaya po pala kayo nawala, nanganak na kayo. Buti po safe kayo. Ingat po kayo and yung baby nyo palagi" What was that in English? I presume something related to baby and staying safe?

    1. Thanks Sumit. It loosely translates to "That's the reason you were gone for a while, you gave birth. I'm glad you're safe. Always take care of yourself and the baby."

  10. sungit mo pala! hahahaa

    ako naman si Ms Good morning.. and I always talk to strangers.. madaldal lang talaga! LOL

  11. Paulline @ milastolemyheartDecember 18, 2014 at 1:05 AM

    haha. medyo masungit nga ako. pero sa simula lang yun. nice naman ako talaga. :)


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