I know you are so excited babe. We promised to give you the best right? Mom and Dad are working on it. Soon little miss. Very soon! We still have a few days before Christmas to work on your special request. 

#milaOOTD for now: Little Miss Flores 

Floral Crown. Locally Made Floral Dress. Matalan Floral Boots


  1. hi mommy san mo po na buy ung floral boots thanks :))

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartMarch 16, 2015 at 10:16 PM

    Hi Sairiel! Pre-ordered it from an IG shop para sa birthday ni Mila. Forgot the shop name na eh pero check out IG stores that has group buys/pre-orders from US. BTW, I'm selling this pair now since medyo small na for Mila. You can have it if you don't mind having pre-love stuff for your little girl. :)

  3. ah tlga :))) how much po hehe. and pang what size po sya thanks :))

  4. Paulline @ milastolemyheartMarch 26, 2015 at 10:42 PM

    It's Matalan size 4. Purchased it P1,500. Selling it sa IG for P800.Tell me if you want it, I'll give you a diff price. ;)


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