"Ano Ba Yan?!"

My DSL woes and the Holidays had kept me from posting new entries on the blog but today is extra special and I just can't help but make sure I share this: Mila said her first sentence!

We were eating breakfast and my sister Paullette was preparing for work. As I prepare Mila's food, her tita started teasing my little girl, biting her nose and smooching. She can't contain her gigil and Mila is getting agitated but we just kept on laughing at how cute she is. Then all of a sudden, Mila shouted: "Ano Ba Yan?!" Hilarious and amazing! We were dumbfounded! I must admit she got that from me. I really have to watch my words around my little parrot.

Then later in the day, Mila was latched and time was ticking until I have to prepare for work. I was hoping she'll be asleep before I had to stand up. At 9pm, Mila was still wide awake so I whispered to her "Babe, Mommy has to go to work already." She suddenly stood up and talked a mile a minute in a hushed voice. She's speaking elvish but it felt like she is trying to explain something to me. I can just hear it on her tone and see it in her eyes. I want to understand but she has her own secret language. Then after "our talk" that lasted for a couple of minutes, she stood up and got her milk bottle and lay down on the bed, taking back her spot next to me.

I was teary-eyed. She knows. She understands. We always struggle when it's time to leave for work because she can't let go of the breast. I didn't know that all I had to do is to tell her gently that it's time to leave. She knows she is a big girl now. She can handle going to sleep without mommy. I think her elvish talk translates to this:

"Mom, I love Booby Milk than formula. But I know you have to leave and go to work. The bottle will do for tonight but you'd have to promise to go home early tomorrow so I can get more fresh Booby Milk when I wake up. You know how I love you right? I'll miss you tonight. I'll be a good girl to dad and nanay and tita. No crying, promise. Just don't forget my reward ok? Take care mom. I love you!"

Ano ba yan, my little baby is really growing up fast! I'm just so proud of her milestones!


  1. True, we need to be careful with our actions and words because kids imitate us. :)

  2. agree, we really have to be careful because kids are great imitators and we are the role models ;)

  3. Hihi cute cute ni mila. Parang si Enzo may sarili din language :)

  4. Maria Louisa Mae P. MercadoDecember 31, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    How touching, it is amazing when our children even when they're babies can be intuitive in their own way.

  5. Baby's first word is really precious, but making a sentence is just so amazing to hear from them :)

  6. Yeah, we really have to be careful and conscious with what we say and do. Our little ones will think that because Daddy and Mommy do or say it, then it must be right. :) Thank you for sharing! :)


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