Feel Like Katniss at Kodanda Archery Range

I'm weeks late but I just got bitten by the Hunger Games: Mockingjay fever. I read the book series but never really got the chance to watch the movie adaptations except the first one. But since I was invited to try out Archery at the Kodanda Archery Range, I felt like Katniss and I swear I will watch the movie soon.

Kodanda Archery Range Sign

Kodanda is Sanskrit for he who has a bow. Kodanda Archery Range is located at the Upper Basement of Makati Cinema Square. I had passed this place a few times when I tried target shooting at the firing range right next to it. One of my work colleagues had also mentioned this range to me since he had been here multiple times and was actually suggesting this for team building. That's still in the drawing board. I've been curious but did not have the guts to try because I thought it'll be too hard. I'm glad I decided to challenge myself.

Kodanda Archery Range Welcome Facade

The range opens at 10:30AM and I was so excited, I was there 30 minutes early. Except for two attendants, Kodanda Range was all mine. They were really helpful and explained to me the rules and tricks on how to hit the target. I took my time before starting because I was a little intimidated with the big bow. I explored the whole room and I noticed that there was a small area of items on sale for those who are really into archery. There's also a side area behind a thick glass for spectators and companions to stay in and get a good view of the targets. I overheard the attendants discussing about an archery competition they will join so I know I'm in good hands.
Kodanda Archery Range -Targets
The room is fully air-conditioned. On the left is the glass-protected are with a good view of the targets.
I got fitted with arm and finger protection and the quiver went around my hips. Five minutes of instructions and I was set to go. Set the arrow on the bow. Lift the bow, keeping your arms straight. Pull the string with the other hand until it's right below your chin. Keep your elbows parallel to the ground. Line the sight on the target. Let go of the string within a few seconds. Don't pull back. Just release it and the arrow will find its way to the bulls eye. I thinks thats how they said it'll be. At least that's how I do it. Haha. I'd say it worked since I got my arrows on the target. Mostly.
Kodanda Archery Range Bulls Eye
Hit the yellow target on my second set.
I'm not sure if it's fortunate or not that I was alone during the first half hour. I was actually very comfortable shooting arrows by myself because I did not have to compete with anyone else or get too conscious. I got to release arrows one after the other without having to mind the whistle. One whistle means get ready. Two means shoot. Three means gather your arrows. When a couple came in though, I missed hubs. I wished he was with me trying it out because I bet he'd enjoy it too. A good bet and a little trash talking will make this more fun for sure.
Kodanda Archery Range Birthday Balloon Pop
If you are celebrating your birthday, you get to pop a balloon!
The video of this was uploaded in Facebook and it's so cool!
One hour went by quickly. I'm not sure if it's just me because I really lack exercise but my arms were a little sore afterwards. It was worth it though. I even wanted to stay longer if not for another commitment.
Hubs and I will be back. I am even more encouraged to invite my team because they have party packages. For P550/hour (plus P30 for the target paper) it'll be a great day to feel like Katniss without having to fight for your life. I just wished I had my hair on braids for a better photo op. I think I can pass as Merida instead. I felt good and and felt like one badass archer!

Kodanda Archery Range Range Rule Price List
Great Rates. Simple Rules to follow

Kodanda Archery Range Practice Shot

Kodanda Archery Range Feeling Katniss
Feeling Bad-Ass Archer ala Katniss (or Merida)

For more information, visit their Facebook page: Kodanda Archery Range
Phone# 621-9109 and 0932-436614
Email address : kodandaarchery@gmail.com


  1. nyahahaha! I love the last pic. Talagang focus na focus to hit the target. I wanna try that out too. My bestfriend tried archery several months ago and she kept on telling us we should try it too. Probably early next year. Mabigat daw yung bow eh. Baka bawal sa may tahi like me.

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartDecember 13, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Karir to the max! Haha. Medyo mabigat nga pero keri naman. Tara, sabihan mo ko if punta ka, join din ako. Ilang tumbling lang naman sya from house

  3. Wow love it! I will show this to my son tapos puntahan namin! Gusto niya matuto eh. :)

  4. Paulline @ milastolemyheartDecember 17, 2014 at 11:43 PM

    Go Millie! super saya talaga. And kids will have a great time kasi mukha lang mahirap pero kaya naman sya. :)


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