Mila Was At The Get Hooked on DIY Event

Mila is a family celebrity. She's the first grand kid on my side of the family so it's a given that she is adored. Then I started posting her #milaOOTDs in Facebook and Instagram (she has her own account by the way), all of a sudden, she got more likes and followers than I do. Some would even send me a message if I fail to post any new picture and outfit shot. When we had the chance to meet the most popular celebrity kids now: the Kramer Kids, I want Mila to go and have that token picture with them. Feeling like a legit celebrity.

Last November 15 (on Mila's 15th), we went to SM North Edsa to attend the Get Hooked on DIY Event by 3M Command Brand and Good Housekeeping. It was hosted by Angel Jacob who is just so pretty and I envy her pixie do.

#milaOOTD: Zebra (Top from H&M, Skirt from Carters, Shoes from Mhyrtle Kids, DIY Headband)
Host Ms. Angel Jacob
There were booths that simulated different areas of your home to showcase the 7 product categories of Command's full range of smart solution: Decorative, Multi-Use, Home and Office Organizers, Cord Management, Picture Hanging, Replacement Strips, and Bathroom Solutions. The attendants demoed how effective each product is to utilize your wall space without damaging it by leaving marks.

Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, everywhere

There were also games (which I volunteered to join) and some tips on how to style your home by Trisha Alvarez-Angluben. I missed most of the DIY tips by Ms. Coni Tejada because Hubs and Mila were too hungry and couldn't wait to eat at Zark's. I was still able to listen though since the events area is just a few feet away from where we were eating. We were caught unprepared when hubs' name got called in the raffle. It took us a while to stand up and run to the stage to claim the price. By the time we got there, another person was called on his behalf. Boo Hoo.

When Cheska and Doug Kramers' arrival was announced, I immediately went to see the stage. Too bad the kids were not with them since I really wanted Mila to have a picture of the three adorable kiddos. Might as well since during the picture taking with the couple, Mila was already sound asleep.

The princess is knocked out
Cheska and Doug Kramer. Got a selfie with them but I look like..nevermind!

Even if there was no picture and we did not get any from the raffle, we did not go home empty handed. We actually got a lot. 3M and Command was very generous and giving us a gift bag each. Very much what we need to finally showcase Mila's pictures. I'll share you our wall display soon.

Everyone got gifts. I got more from volunteering to join the game. Yey much!

If you are like us who lives in a tiny apartment or your own condo, Command products are a perfect fit for you. You can utilize your walls and empty some floor space without causing any damage. No more holes caused by screws or nails, or ruined paint job, or torn wall paper. You can beautify and stylize your tiny space with pictures and art display without worry of it falling on your head.

If you want Damage-Free Hanging Solutions, 3M Command Brand is the best for you.

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