My FoodPandaPH Experience

I love to cook but I love to eat more. Hubs is hands down the better cook and a hard critic. On days when I get home late, has tons to do, stressed or feeling too lazy, which is almost everyday, I just purchase cooked food. That has the least chance of getting criticized for my cooking which I can really take offense on. I bet I'm not alone on this.

To make our food a little healthier, we prefer the home-cooked meals from carinderias nearby. Not the healthiest, we know but that's what our best option is on most times. There are tons in the area but the menu can get tiring. So we sometimes mix it in with fast food or restaurant meals. But that cost a lot more too.

When we got an invite from Mommy Bloggers Philippines to try FoodPandaPH, I got excited. We tried different delivery services and none had the same food and price range as FoodPanda Street Food. If you are from Makati, I bet you know JolliJeep. These are small stalls around Makati that caters Carinderia food for the budget conscious employees in the area. FoodPanda Street Food is the same except you get your meal delivered right at your doorstep.

I got a lots of Daing, Beef Mechado (Mila loves tomato-based meals), Sisig (my favorite), and Lechon Kawali (for hubs). There's only 3 adults and a baby at home and this meal cost us P250 + P30 delivery fee. The servings are generous and it lasted until dinner. 4 dishes, 2 meals, great value right?

What I really loved about the FoodPandaPH service is the prompt response. Just a couple of minutes after I verified my order, I got a phone call to confirm my order. Then right after the call, I got an SMS that the my order will be on its way. I didn't have to wait more than 30 minutes after that. Our food was delivered and served, right in time for lunch.

So if you are anything like me who often find yourself needing to order food and get it fast but wants to limit expenses, FoodPandaPH is for you. You can order from your favorite restaurants around the metro at the mkst convenient way. Register now and find the best deals and get exclusive discounts.

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