Happy and Thankful at 30

I celebrate my birthday right after Christmas and this year, I had the most awesome kiddie party. For the first time ever, I felt no remorse spending on a party for my self. I was the happiest! Here's the story of how we made this happen even without the budget.

From Hubs' FB Post:
She said, "Dad, on my birthday, i want to give back." I'm proud of you Paulline Joy Flores. Know that i am always here to support you. Happy birthday hon. I love you very much.
My heart melts.

The planning started 4 months ago. I told hubby I want to have a party because it's my 3rd decade of being awesome. He said yes without hesitations. I still had doubts though I'll make it happen.

My birthday is on holiday season and that always mean lots of expenses. Our non-existent extra budget was already set for the new car we planned on getting before the year ends. Even if I get the budget, I won't have time to prepare since it's the busiest season at work too. And who would come? It's the 26th and friends are either out of town or just too tired from the festivities and would rather stay home. That's always a yearly dilemma that's why I rarely have birthday parties since I was a kid. At that point, my party was more of a thought rather than a plan.

I had been going back and forth on this party. One thing I'm sure of, it'll be a children's party. Other details will just come to me, I said. Then a saw a contest on my Facebook News Feed (thanks to Donna of Honey's Haven). I decided to join The Happy Thoughts' Party Kits Giveaway. Part of the rule was to write your theme and reason why you should win. I initially thought of joining for Mila's 2nd birthday party but that's months away. So here's what I decided on:

I wanted a children's party for my inaanak so I won't have to prepare a separate gift for Christmas. The party and the loots will be our gift. Cost effective and more fun. And Mila will get to meet them too. Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys theme, just because I know my parent friends can relate and hey, I love them and it's my birthday.

By mid-November, I thought I will have to cancel the party because of funds constraint. When Joyce of The Happy Thoughts messaged me that I'm one of the winners, I couldn't give her the party details for the invite. I had to ask Joyce for a few days so I can decide. I really wanted this party to happen but how?

To save on the budget, instead of Jollibee, I'll have the party in front of my mom's house so I can also invite the less fortunate kids in the neighborhood. I know most of them would not even have a proper meal for Christmas. I told this to Hubs and he said yes, but with hesitations this time because he knows our financial situation. My mom gladly said yes and agreed to cook for us. My sisters will share a little for the expenses. So I gave Joyce the info and it's a go. I told myself, Bahala na!

Then blessings started pouring in. I got great gifts from Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Christmas Party. I had kilos of Al Dente Pasta and Doña Elena Pasta Sauce. We got Jolly Canned Fruits and Jolly Milk. That's pasta and dessert for the party. Trolli gave out packs of Gummies. I still have sweets left over from Mila's Trick or Treat loot. Candy Buffet anyone? I looked in the cupboard and realized I got tons of mugs and tumblers from giveaways and tokens from blogging events. That got me inspired to look around the house for lots of new unused items. There were even some from Mila's birthday party. I got enough for small game prizes. I was in a roll.

Sweet surprises came in the mail from Mommy Jem of Experience of a Supper Mommy and Mommy Janice of The Roller Coaster Ride. I won their giveaways and got a book and GC for Php 500 worth of Kam Ja Tang and Bukum Bap from Mattna Kamjatang respectively. A bonus from Jem, tucked in between pages of the book was lovely - there were some Sodexho and Chowking GCs. Something I can share for my little party visitors. Even my sister got free GCs from work which she lovingly shared for our party. This party is shaping up well. Thank you to my angels.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, as I check our month's expenses, I know I may still not have enough. I was expecting about 20 to 30 kids. What if we run out of food? What if more kids would come? Can I manage? Another Angel answered that prayer. An IG friend asked me to shop for her at the Revlon Warehouse Sale and whatever I earned from the transaction was more than enough to cover what I needed for the party.

Even my work stars lined up for that day. Our salary for the last day of the year was credited to our account before Christmas. Came with it my tax refund! And even if I can't take the 26th off, I was scheduled to be on support for role the whole day. So even if I was tired from the party, it will be an easy work day for me, and I can grab some snooze (but don't tell my boss).
All party pictures grabbed from family because, I was a busy bee! :)
With that said, the party was a big hit. My family from Cavite came to celebrate. Everyone pitched in. I gave out the invites that morning to my inaanaks. Our baranggay captain lent us chairs and a big tent. Even Mila helped repack the candies we will give out. By 4PM, I had to force kids playing on the streets to join the party. They were too shy. But when the party started, it did not matter if they are wearing their best dress or if they did not have slippers on their feet. Everyone was having a blast. There were 40 kids and the food we prepared was more than enough, yey! Because we started late, we only had time for a couple of games. The rest of the prizes were given out by raffle. I made sure everyone got something. The grand prizes were a P500 SM GC and a basket of groceries good for Media Noche. Everyone was just too giddy and excited for the raffle, onlookers were cheering for the kids! The smile and thank yous of all the kids was more than enough to fill my heart as Mila and I hand out the candy bags and the red envelope each one went home with.

Everyone had left by the time someone remembered I had not blown by birthday candle. It did not matter. I already had my wish come true!


  1. You are blessed because you are willing to share your blessings. Kudos to you Mommy Paulline. Belated happy birthday!

  2. This is a true testament how giving back actually is receiving more. I am trully happy for you. Continue the good works and Belated Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday fellow blogger. Glad you enjoyed your day. :)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! this is amazing! party for the kids at your 30th.

  5. WOW! Your'e such an angel, Pau! So glad to read this! Belated happy birthday and wishing you more blessings to come to your family as you deserve them!

  6. Lois Nicole BaguioJanuary 12, 2015 at 2:43 AM

    Happy Birthday Paulline! :)))

    Lois of www.loisbaguio.com

  7. It's rare to see someone doing a very good deeds on their B day.

    My salute to you. Also, belated Happy Birthday to you :)

  8. good job! happy birthday!

  9. Wow happy birthday Paulline. Ansaya basahin ng post mo ang gaan. Sabe nga diba God provides baste we remain faithful to him :)

  10. What an amazing experience for your 30th birthday. Happy Birthday and God Bless You Ms. Paulline :)

  11. galing! keep it up! and belated happy birthday :)

  12. There's no better way of celebrating one's birthday than sharing it with less fortunate people. God bless you for having such a kind heart. Happy belated birthday! :)

  13. Ang saya! I feel the overflowing blessings while reading your post!:) More blessings!:)


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