Little Miss Wow

I wonder where my Baby Burrito is. Sometimes, I miss my Sweet Cupcake. For the pass two months, we have Little Miss Wow delighting us with her antics.

For the past few weeks, Mila's favorite word is  WOW!

Doc McStuffin is on TV, WOW!
A car passed by, WOW!
Time to open gifts, WOW!
Here's some water, WOW!
Look at that ant, WOW!

She is delighted with every little thing she sees and she is not shy in showing it. It is such a joy when I see her eyes twinkling so bright with wonder. It's such a warm feeling when your child shows you how much she appreciates you!

Speaking of shy, I can't believe that a few months ago, I was afraid Mila will grow up a shy baby. Mila is far from a shy now. She may be a little timid at first, but her ear-piercing, high-pitched HI! will really get your attention. You can't help but say Hi back. I know I kind of sound the same but she got her soprano voice from her Lola Grace. No one could contest that.

She would say Hi! to anyone, from complete strangers to pets.
Often to her toys or plants even. Hi!
She loves other kids the most and would even go out of her way to reach out and say Hi!.
Beware, she will not stop until she gets your attention.
So better say Hello too!

I guess it helped that she is now able to socialize much. The whole holiday season was spent with family and friends. She got to sleep over a few nights without mom and dad. She has playdates and gets to play at the park. That did her good I think. Her world is bigger and her trusted circle of people is wider. That made her braver to open her self up to everyone one else.

I still can't believe Mila is now 17 months old. I know that it's time to let go of my fragile little girl. As Mila grows older, she will discover more things that will make her go Wow. She'd get to meet more people to say Hi to. And every time, she make Mom say Wow too!

Update: as per hubby, Mila says it like Huuwaaaaw!!! 

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  1. Hello pretty Mila!!! :) Skye's fave word naman is Baby! Last month it's dede and dada. :)


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