Surprise Opportunities: My Artista Moment

Most of the best things that happened to me are those that were unexpected. The biggest surprise I got to date were those two lines on a Medic strip. Nine months later, I have Mila Alessandra and life had never been better.

I am the first to admit that I had let too many opportunities pass, specially now that I'm a mother and I am making decisions not just for me but for my family too. But there would never be room for regrets. C'est la vie.

Today though, there's a surprise opportunity I could not say no to. I'm not sure if this is something I can share to everyone already. As soon as it's ready, I will definitely tell you about it. I think, you'd know it even before I can even share. Suffice it to say for now that I was feeling artista the whole day.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I tagged along my mom every time she went with her friend who was Ricky Belmonte's Personal Assistant. If you don't know him, then I guess you are young or not from the Philippines. He was Sheryl Cruz' late father. Still doesn't ring a bell? Try Google? Sometimes, Sheryl will 'borrow' her dad's PA and I'd get the chance to go with them to tapings of That's Entertainment's. I met most, if not all of the talents of the show during those times. I loved hanging out in the dressing rooms. Every body was always busy and moving and laughing and having fun. I sometimes get to play with other kids or even take pictures next to my Ates and Kuyas. My classmates were jealous because I was with their idols. It ends there though because I was and never wished to be one of them. I had always been shy and never felt pretty enough so being artista never crossed my mind.

When I went to a meeting earlier today, I never expected the artista treatment they will give us. I thought I was just going to a simple interview. I instead got a makeover and my 15 minutes on the spotlight. As I sit at the edge of the bed with all the cameras focused on me, someone powdering my nose, and another ironing my hair, I can't help but remember the backstage of GMA Broadway Centrum right before the curtains go up. I was excited and anxious. I was nervous and shaking and would have been sweating bullets if not for the air conditioner. I hid that by talking my head off. I wished no one noticed. Never would have I imagined doing what I did earlier. Ask me now what I talked about during the interview and I will never be able to answer you accurately. I'm glad hubs decided to leave the room right before it was my time to shine. At the end, I was all smiles and had a great time.

I love the artista mirror.
The finished look. I rarely wear makeup so even if this is just simple, I feel so pretty.
Forgive me. I can't help but do a quick grocery selfie while waiting for the staff to wrap up.
This talent got hungry so off we went to Ramen Nagi for a quick date

I really can't wait to share what this is all about. I promise, it will make sense once you see what we did today. I know I over exaggerated the artista treatment. It does not matter. I met great ladies. I received free stuff. I had a great date with Hubs afterwards (sayang ang makeup). I went out of my comfort zone. I learned new things and had a once in a lifetime experience. And best of all, I got a great story I can share to Mila. Anyway, I got this surprise opportunity because of her and I hope she will be proud of Mommy.


  1. whatever it is that you had.. Mila will be proud of you surely!! :) Your chika about this soon Mommy Paulline ha?! :)

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartJanuary 22, 2015 at 11:26 PM

    Thanks dear! Minsan lang yan. ;)

  3. Paulline @ milastolemyheartJanuary 22, 2015 at 11:26 PM

    Thanks Mommy Jen! Excited na nga ako mag share. ;)


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