Binalot Goes Visayan

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When I started working almost 10 years ago, my first job was in Libis, QC. Most of my daily budget got spent on my fare because the office was too far from my mom's place. So on days when I was not able to bring my packed lunch, it's always Binalot to the rescue. It's affordable, tasty, fresh and got a unique packaging. 

Binalot recently celebrated its 18 years in the business and recently signed up a foreign franchise for Dubai, UAE. Binalot was founded by Rommel Juan and his friends in 1996 when they realized there were no real Pinoy options for dining that was fresh and portable using eco-friendly packaging.

For the Lenten season, Binalot has chosen favorite dishes from the Visayas region: Bangus Sinugba, Kinilaw and Laswa. Healthy favorites from the South will be offered at selected Binalot branches starting Feb 18, Ash Wednesday and throughout the Lenten Season.

KINILAW NA ISDA - Kilaw means “vinegared”. The freshest fish marinated in Pinoy vinegar and Ilocos onions and garnished with red hot peppers. A favorite of our Visayan brothers, now at a Binalot near you!
My Favorite Kinilaw na Isda
LASWA - What could be healthier for body and soul but a fresh boiled vegetable medley of local greens and other Pinoy vegetables called Laswa.
Hubs will surely love these vegetable medley

BANGUS SINUGBA - Our national fish is now available stuffed with chopped onions and tomatoes and grilled to a nice finish. Sinugba is the Visayan term for "grilled".
Bangus is best served grilled

Binalot now has 45 branches all over the country, all serving Filipino food favorites in its trademarked wrapper of banana leaves, naturally preserving the food’s freshness. It now also offers Franchising options with a number of pre-approved sites for the interested applicants. You can visit for more information. Find Binalot on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.

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  1. May De Jesus-PalacpacFebruary 28, 2015 at 7:09 AM

    My husband loves binalot. Have you ever heard of Binalot sa Imus? That was my first ever binalot experience, I think they're one of the originals on this concept. They don't have this much variety, though. I'd be interested to try sinugba, it looks really good.


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