I Am Queen Elinor

Brave Disney Mom

According to an online quiz: Which Disney Mom Are You Most Like?, I am Queen Elinor.

"Strong, Stern, strict for the right reasons - you are most like Queen Elinor of "Brave"! Destined for motherhood and still baffled by youth, you've always been older and wiser than your years. Your instincts are strong and serve you well, which is why when things go awry you tend to get over-frazzled. No matter what, though, you tend to keep your chin high and make sure to be the best possible role-model there is. Respect and order are the names of the game, and there is no one better to instill these honorable qualities within the next generation of young women. Just don't be too hard on them, not everyone is as strong as you!"

I think this fits the bill. I really am still a little attached to my youthful ways but had fully embraced my motherhood. Yes, I panic a little when things do not go my way because I usual know better. And if I would teach my child anything, it's Respect -  to people, places,  rights, and even thoughts and decisions. She fights with her daughter but mothers and daughters always end up frenemies either way. I'd expect that too. She is not perfect but she makes her decisions based on what she thinks best for everyone (i.e marrying her daughter off just to keep the peace in the kingdom). Eventually, she realized that it's not her daughter that she has to change but it's the system.

Funny because I've always said that if I have a daughter, among all Disney Princesses, it's Merida that I want her to idolize and be like. I believe she is the only one who does not have a love interest, much less a Prince Charming to rescue her. A young lady who is strong-willed, independent, brave and is not love-crazy. Mila, I wish, will be the girl who fights for what she believes in, and knows she can work hard to achieve her goals, even if others tell her no.

I'd love to be Queen Elinor. I just wish I don't get turned into a bear.

How about you? Which Disney Mom Are You? Click here to take the test too. 


  1. May De Jesus-PalacpacFebruary 26, 2015 at 5:26 AM

    I identify more with Rapunzel. I'm a romantic. But If I have a daughter, I would like for her to be like Mulan who dare defies the stereotypes. :)

  2. I just took the test and I am.....

    Duchess! haha! Will blog something about this too ♥

  3. i agree, respect. thats what we lack most in the world today...

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  5. Just had to take the quiz myself. I got me: Mrs. Incredibles (waha!) the wonder mom. Cool quiz!

  6. I took the test and I got the Duchess. Hahaha! I agree. One of the things we should really teach our kids is respect. A lot of people, even the young ones, don't know how to respect people.

  7. I took this test TWICE and got the same answer as you! :) all hail queen elinor.. Although I feel I'm more of a laid back mom, I do think that respect is one of the most important things we can teach our kids :)

  8. I took the test and I am like Andy's Mom in Toy Story :-) so true because I take pride in seeing something of myself to my kids. I wanted them to be unique at the same time but I am happy to see them as the best version of me.

  9. Oh I'm sure you wouldn't turn into a bear hehe. I have a feeling I'd be Queen Elinor, too. I'll take the test to be certain! :D


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