I Decide To Stay Happy

A few weeks ago, I was asked to list 10 Things That Makes Me Happy. It took me the whole day to think about this. I realized I just don't focus on ME enough to know what's making me happy. Here's the list  I came up with.

10 Things That Makes Me Happy

  1. Every single milestone my daughter achieves. Specially if I was there to see it the first time. 
  2. Movie time/Date with my husband 
  3. Ice Cream and chocolates. Anything sweet really. 
  4. Cooking 
  5. Joining and winning raffles and contests. I just love free stuff! 
  6. Carefree time with friends and family. No deadlines to think about. 
  7. Cold beer at the beach. 
  8. Travelling. 
  9. Accomplished goals. Got 2 big goals done recently: get a car and move to a more decent place. 
  10. A simple smile from Mila

Most of these are simple stuff that I get and see everyday. I'm thinking I should not be so stressed right? But I am! Maybe because I do not actively look or search for my happiness. I decide to stay happy. I want my year to stay positive and I will work on keeping it that way. It does not take much really. Aside from the 10 things listed above, I decided I will have a sort of bucket list. Just a small list of things I plan to do to constantly stay happy and positive.

10 Things That Will Keep Me Happy

  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. A Healthier me is a happier me. 
  2. Go to the park with my daughter Mila every weekend. She is my unending source of happiness. 
  3. Have baby-free dates with hubs. He was and will always be my partner so I better take care of us too. 
  4. Be debt free. Clear out my credit card balance. No explanation needed. 
  5. Share a smile with one stranger daily. Happiness is contagious. 
  6. Learn and complete one new craft every week. Or finish a new book. Small accomplishments can boost my self-confidence a lot. 
  7. Go to work and attend church consistently. No late or absences. I have to take care of my financial and spiritual needs too. 
  8. Forgive and forget. Having peace of mind is always positive. 
  9. Avoid mediocrity on everything I do. 
  10. Regularly schedule a "beautify-me" day. Looking good can make you feel good. 

I think this is doable. With the level of stress that I have, there's not a better time to start than now. There are a thousand other things that can make me happy. This small list will hopefully help make me happier, healthier, and more radiant!

 I wonder what makes you happy?


  1. I believe that happiness is really a decision you have to make everyday. :) Ako naman I am trying veyr hard to simplify my life. Hihihi! Feeling ko kasi if I simplify it, magiging mas achievable ang happiness. Pero bet ko yang exercise everyday ah. Lumalaki na anak ko, wala na kong excuse for being pudgy. Hihi!

  2. A lot of those things make me happy, too. I love traveling and of course, my kids and husband make me happy.

  3. I believe that happiness is a choice you have to make everyday. Good for you for identifying what will you happy... and going for it!

  4. I could probably make a huge list of what makes me happy. Latelt, my family has played a huge part in why I'm always happy. They are my world, and everything revolves around them!

  5. Saving Common CentsApril 5, 2015 at 12:24 AM

    It's good for our souls to stop for a minute and take stock of what truly makes us happy. It's easy to get distracted by everything in our daily routine. My daughters and husband make me supremely happy. :)

  6. It is healthy and good practice to always find something to be grateful & happy about. Except for traveling, most of the things that make me happy are not tangible: a complete family, harmonious relationship, and good health.

  7. I really enjoyed reading your post, it's important to think about what makes you happy from time to time, I definitely agree with cold beer and cooking!

  8. kita kokoamag.comApril 5, 2015 at 1:23 AM

    A beautify me day sounds like something I need especially since I don't get those often with the kids. I love the list. Cookies the warm gooey kind straight out of the oven makes me happy.

  9. I've also decided to choose happy. Way easier to do that than be a miserable ol' lady that no one likes, right? lol!

  10. I love your lists, both of them. I made me a list of things I want to do this year as I live a life I absolutely love (in place of what others expect of me). I need to write a list similar to yours and see if some of those things i wrote on my list are still valid.

  11. What a positive and uplifting post. I love reading articles like these to get insight into someone. So pleased to see that what makes you happy are the wonderfully simple and beautiful things in life, like your family.

  12. i loved reading your happy list. i especially love that you're trying to share a smile with someone. I read Mother Teresa's autobiography and she said you would be surprised what something as small as a smile can make a difference in someone's life.

  13. These are great lists indeed for being happy and staying happy. For me to be happy I choose not to have any regrets for anything. Knowing I have no regrets keeps me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your list is very similar to mine!!! I hate the weekends when I can't get in a good work out it makes everything go lopsided. Great list!

  15. I think its important to find someting to be happy about every day. This is a great list!

  16. Happiness is a choice you deserve to be happy, actually all people deserve it too. I'm glad that you stay happy.

  17. You've got a nice list here. The simple smile made me smile. Those are the things I like too.

  18. Sarah @ Must Have MomApril 7, 2015 at 11:06 AM

    I love these list. It is soo important to reflect on what makes us happy! Great post.

  19. Ice Cream and chocolates. Anything sweet really. This x1000! Haha

  20. Great lists indeed. Your post made me think about the things that truly makes me happy. Like you, it's my family that makes me really happy :)

  21. I have always told my friends happiness is a choice but it can be fleeting always aim for joy its everlasting. Good luck with your bucketlist


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