#milaOOTD: Hey Boo

Good Morning! Another quick #milaOOTD here to brighten up your day!

Back story: Last Sunday at church, I didn't get to take some #milaOOTD pic of her Sunday dress because she was too cranky. We changed to a more casual, comfy dress later in the afternoon but she was still not in the mood for mommy's vanity. As soon as we got home though, she handed me my phone, positioned herself on the white wall and said, "Mom! Kik! (that's Mila-ish for Click)". Good deal! I guess I should know now that she wants a nice background for her #milaOOTD.

Handmade feather headband
Dress: F&X (c/o Yoya Carmen)
Shoes: Non-Branded shoes (gift from US-based Lolas) 

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  1. Super cute indeed!! I can't wait for the time when Skye would pose na din for our OOTBs. :) Hihihihi!


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