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Zomato Wild Ginger Giveaway

Have you been in an argument with anyone about where to eat? How many times have you been told by someone, or said it yourself "Kahit ano or saan nalang!"  (Anything or anywhere!) when asked where to dine out? Hubs and I often argue about this. Sometimes, I'd pick a place which he doesn't like. He'd say his choice and I'd say no too. And we go in circles until we end up eating somewhere we've been at a thousand times or not eat out anymore.

That's why we use Zomato. I find that we are able to easily decide where and what to eat when we use the Zomato app on our phones. When we are having trouble deciding, we check out what's Trending This Week. When we are feeling a little adventurous, we go to the list of Newly Opened places to try out up and coming restaurants. Now that Mila is getting to be a handful at restaurants (she loves to eat by herself and make a mess), it's lovely to know Kid Friendly diners we can bring her. What really helps us decide is the fact that each restaurant on the list has real reviews from real people. It does not only give us the details - location, price point, menu, etc. It also tells us if customers actually enjoyed the place versus the press release from promoters. I am a visual person. I must admit I order from what I see and not all menus have pictures with them. Checking the restaurant's reviews and the food selfies from those that had been there helps me a lot. Thus way,  I know what to expect and it makes ordering easier. 

This Valentines, hubs and I didn't get the chance to go on a real date. We attended a family event in the province and Mila was feverish because of 6 teeth all bursting at the same time. Not to mention that our yaya left the same day without notice.

Hubs gave me a flower and a chocolate bar which is real sweet, but I still want a real date. It may be a couple of weeks late until we're abke to schedule this so I want it to be well planned. Simple but nice. No argument on where to go. I already decided on where to go, with the help of Zomato. I will treat hubs to Wild Ginger. He definitely deserves this as a thank you for driving 12 hours straight to get us home safe. And it will be a (very) late Valentines date for us too.

Now please help me decide on what to order. Follow the steps below to WIN P2,000 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM WILD GINGER and ZOMATO.

1. Add your email address on the comment section of this post so I can contact you if you win.

2. Also comment below the price of one (or more) Wild Ginger dish you love or want to try. Click here to see the menu posted in Zomato.

3. Like the Facebook pages of Mila Stole My HeartZomato, and Wild Ginger

4. Share this post publicly and use the hashtags: #MSMHBlog #ZomatoPH #WildGinger

5. Bonus: If you have a Zomato Account, go to Wild Ginger's page in Zomato, pick a photo, and share it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Don't forget to make the post public and use the hashtags #MSMHBlog #ZomatoPH #WildGinger so I can see it.

Simple and easy, right? This will run from February 16 to 28. I will randomly pick one winner that I'll announce 1st week of March.

So please, comment your menu suggestions and help me plan my date with hubs so you can have your own date too.

Mila Picked The Winner... 

Congrats! I'll be sending an email. Please reply within the week. I'll have to pick another one on Monday if there's no confirmation. 

Thanks everyone for joining!!! 

Ps. I'll post a video of Mila picking the winner on my IG or FB page. ;) 


  1. Hi Mommy Paulline... :)

    I want to try Chicken Pandan Php 235; Thai Jasmine Yellow Rice Php 60 and Sticky toffee pudding for dessert Php 155. The name seems mouthwatering. I can even imagine what more if I can taste it. hehe

    Maybe you can ask someone from ginger to make a table set up for your date and have the cake styled with the sweetest message written on top of it. :) Good luck on your date. :)


  2. Michelle Jaguimit-NamilitFebruary 17, 2015 at 9:08 AM


    fb post via zomato:

    I want to try an extra ordinary meal and a twist on my food this love month.

    I want to try TOM KHA GHAI 165php (the name sounds interesting) and its a classic Thai Dish with chicken cooked in coconut milk. Wow I would like to have my chicken cooked in "gata" which I haven't tried.

    Roti Plata with Curry Dipping Sauce 155php, Beef Rendang 285php, and feast is not complete if didn't try the National Cuisine of Thailand which Pad Thai 245php and as the review says it is a food worth trying.

    A nice Lemon Grass Tea 95php to sip while having a chit chat with my love ones.

    And with all that spicy and tangy food, I would like to finish it of with Sticky Toffee Pudding.

    (Have it prepared in advance, sa bahay palang gawa na ng paper na tape on a short stick or paper na may simple message "Thank you for loving me" give it to the waiter and advise to serve pudding with a message on top.

    A nice restaurant with a good meal for a date is worth a try. Prices is just an amount.

    Sabi nga nila minsan lang naman ang importante memorable.

  3. I would love to try Wild Ginger's Stuffed Roti (Chicken) - P170.00, Premium Oxtail Kare-Kare - P275.00, Lamb Adobo - P285.00, Asian Crispy Pork - P245.00, Herbed Green Rice - P75.00 and Gula Melaka - P75.00.

    Have a candle light dinner, order the best sellers from Wild Ginger and have some wine with your hubs. You may want to book me and my partner so we could romantically serenade both of you with your theme song or your favorite song. ^^

    email add:
    Facebook name: Yvonne Bertoldo
    Facebook post share:
    Facebook share of photo from Zomato:
    Twitter share of photo from Zomato:

  4. Hi!

    I made a menu for both of you, which you can print out and put on the table set up for you, you can add up a title, as such,

    A Romantic Asian Dinner for Paulline and ____(your husband's name)


    Spinach & Dhal chapati (P 165)

    Green Mango Salad (P 165)

    Beef Rendang (P 285)
    Hainanese Chicken (P 295)

    Curry Laksa seafood (P 265)

    Gula Melaka (P 75)

    you can add a sweet note below and mention that it is our late V-day gift for him.


    Joy Felizardo
    FB: majoyc

  5. Email:

    I want to try their Pad Thai for 245 Pesos.

  6. Email:
    I want to try their Pad Thai for 245 Pesos.

    For your menu, I would suggest

    Pad Thai for 245 Pesos
    Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll fro 155 Pesos
    Green Mango Salad for 165 Pesos
    Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls for 145 Pesos
    Lamb Adobo for 285 Pesos
    Crispy Tawilis for 165 Pesos
    Wild Ginger Chicken Adobo for sharing - 280 Pesos
    Bagoong Rice for 2 is 120 Pesos
    Roasted Eggplant Salad fro sharing is 135 Pesos
    Sticky Toffee Pudding for 155 Pesos
    Calamansi Juice for 2 is 150 Pesos

    Total of 2000 Pesos. You enjoy the food in affordable price, happy eating and enjoy your date!

  7. May De Jesus-PalacpacFebruary 17, 2015 at 11:53 PM

    I've never tried Zomato, I should. Would make things easier for me and hubby to make decisions on where to go. My husband pretty much decides on where to eat, he just makes me think it was I who chose the place...but I realise later on that he made me choose the place! haha

  8. All the best and hope you'll have a great dinner at Wild Ginger. I'm sure it's going to be a good night for both of you.

  9. Looks like Wild Ginger is worth a try. I have always love to give a flower and a chocolate bar to my hubby. Thank you for sharing

  10. Janice Lim

    I haven't been to Wild Ginger yet. But if I get a chance to go there, I'd love to try the Pad Thai just because I love the dish and I'm always in search of the best-tasting one. :) Oh and the Beef Rendang too!

  11. nice menu from wild ginger! good luck on your date, what a sweet moment for the two of you!

  12. Zomato .. I just heard and it's recommended when
    it can be found easily, let alone real reviews from real people. I will
    discover more.. I want to try the chicken pandan, may sweet delicious.

  13. What a fun giveaway! Good Luck to everyone who will join!

  14. I love Zomato! They have so many giveaways for blogger. I've won two "Reviews of the Day" off the site :)


    Green Mango Salad (P 165)

    Wild Ginger Chicken Adobo for sharing - 280 Pesos

    Pad Thai for 245 Pesos


    I want to try Pad Thai (245.00), Thai Green Chicken Curry (285.00) Chicken Tikka Masala (265.00) Curry Laksa Chicken (235.00) Lamb Adobo (285.00) all served with Highland Red Rice (65.00)


  17. Charmie Celestial AlemaniaFebruary 26, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    Hi, I want to try this Curry Laksa Seafood worth Php 265; Asian Crispy Pork worth Php 300 with a Thai Jasmine Yellow Rice Php 60. Please additional of dessert Gula Melaka Php 75. Thats all. Hoping to be win so that I can taste it all. Please. Cant imagine this for me! Hoping! :)
    Fb name: Charmie Clelestial Alemania

  18. I Want to Try this Healthy Dish of Wild Ginger



    Wild Ginger Chicken Adobo - to Share 280.00 Php

    Tofu Salad With Peanut Sauce 195.00 Php

    and for the Desserts i like to try

    Sticky Toffee Pudding 155.00 Php -- I' m sure my son and my wife will love this

    Email Add :
    Facebook Name : Paarkum Mariano

    Facebook Share Link :

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    Google+ Share Link :

  19. I want to try the Curry Laksa Noodles (235). Chicken Satay (290-for sharing
    ) and end with Sticky Toffee Pudding (155). Yumyum! Enjoy with your date.
    FB: Faith Almario

  20. email:'

    Start with the Asian Tomato Soup and both entice your taste buds with the best spices that only east Indies can offer. Follow-up with highland red rice (for its known health benefits) and combine it with meat combos (for protein and energy benefits to fuel your hubs) such as the Asian Crispy Pork made more special with the soy-chili dipping sauce; the delectable Thai Beef Penang curry; the signature Wild Ginger Chicken adobo made even more delicious with secretive pre-war recipe. Let him try the laing and crispy twailis too. Break odd with sweet dessert gula melaka and made him burp more with ending zips of lemon grass tea.

  21. sherry ann gole cruzFebruary 28, 2015 at 1:41 PM
    i would love to try the asian tomato soap 135.00 , mee goreng 255.00 i love noodles so much, and the sticky toffee pudding,looks so interesting!

    fb shared:
    Facebook share of photo from Zomato:
    twitter share:

    i think whatever you choose,your hubby would love it!

  22. I've tried Wild Ginger before and enjoyed it! On my next visit to Wild Ginger, I would love to get the Pad Thai at P245. The P170 stuffed roti (chicken) also sounds interesting, I've never had a roti sandwich before. Maybe you guys can try out the Pad Thai too, and re-enact the famous Disney Lady and the Tramp scene hehe ;)



    I would love to try Wild Ginger's Beef Rendang P285

    I think it's so sweet you still want to have a belated Valentines Day celebration with your husband. This should be a romantic date so I would choose the Vietnamese Spring Rolls for your appetizers, Thai Beef Penang Curry for your main dish and Sticky Toffee Pudding for your dessert. I hope you and your husband have a great time during your date ( :

  24. Some say that their bestsellers are the Roti Prata
    an Indian flaky bread for P115, Pad Thai

    their popular version of flat rice noodle dish for P245,
    Hainanese Chicken
    with 3 dipping sauces, soup, and special hainan rice for P295 and Beef Rendang, their Indonesian Beef Stew for P285 (also order extra Thai Jasmine Yellow Rice

    for P60, they say it's also yummy!).

    When I go to some new restaurant, I always ask what their bestseller is and that is what I order. Their specialty is the best they could offer you to make you want to go back and be a regular customer at their restaurant. As they say, "First impressions last." It is true for me actually because if their specialty is not that good for me, considering their price and the location, there will only be little chance that I would go back.


  25. Myfave is the Premium oxtail Kare-Kare to share-P495

  26. Tweet:
    Facebook post:

  27. Email Add :

    Facebook Name :

    Wow gusto ko rin nyan , Date namin ng hubby ko .. nung Valentine's Day hindi kami nakapag date at Valentine's Day mismo ay Monthsary din namin , ngunit hindi namin nagawang mag date , its because my Grandmother in law Died ... gustuhin man naming mag date , hindi pwede ...

    sana makapag date din kami .. date na may kasama at kasabay na birthday ng anak namin kung sakali ...

    By the way ... i want to try this Dishes , if kami ng hubby ko ang magdadate ... ^_^ ..

    Thai Jasmine Yellow Rice Php 60

    Chicken Pandan Php 235

    Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls for 145 Pesos

    Wild Ginger Chicken Adobo - to Share 280.00 Php

    Tofu Salad With Peanut Sauce 195.00 Php

    and for the Desserts i like to try

    Sticky Toffee Pudding 155.00 Php ...

  28. Closed for now dearies. Will announce the winner within the week. Thanks for all the help!

  29. Wow, such a nice giveaway!


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