Easy and Creative Ways to Record Baby's Firsts

When I was a kid, I remember asking my mom a lot of questions about the time when I was still a baby. Unfortunately, she has so little to tell. She's not really the type to take note of details like how big or small I was, what month I started walking, or when I got my first tooth. I know those are just small details but I always envy those kids who know a lot about the time they were still a baby like they remember it from memory.

They say you want to give your baby what you were lacking. So I want Mila to have a good resource of stories about herself. Hey, that's really the purpose of this blog, right? I want to chronicle every single thing about her if I can. I want her to know the highlights of her young life even if she cannot remember them yet. To be fair, I barely remember every detail of Mila's first year too. Unless I look in my notes and cheat sheets, everything is just too much and they're muddled up into a blur . I knew I want to chronicle everything because I want Mila to have fun reading about herself. I know I will learn a lot with these stories too, when baby number two come.

I'm not the scrapbook-type mommy. I don't have enough creativity nor time for that. I attempted to start one but it just ended up as another unfinished project. Mila still does not have a baby book. One that will record her tiny hand and foot print, her going home outfit, her first haircut and nail clipping, or her first smile. I have facebook and instagram for that but I bet there are other creative ways to do so. One that will not take too much effort from me.

Here are a few thing I got from the net that I think are Easy and Creative Ways to Record Baby's Firsts (emphasis on easy)


I took mothly photos of Mila on the same play mat next to CeeCee the Seahorse. You can clearly see how fast your baby is growing!

Source: Strangebirdy
Not only will is this record your baby's firsts, it's also a cool art that you can "create" yourself.

Source: poppydesignsboutique
Ok, so this may not be so easy but hey, how creative is it? If you are artistic enough, this is definitely a great way to record your baby's firsts. You can order it too if you want. That sounds easy!


You already have thousands of pictures. Why not print them out, create your own collage, and frame it. You can add some hand written notes or even the greeting card you gave your baby for her first holiday.


Need I say more? You don't need to do an online diary of every detail of her daily existence. You can maybe write a poem or an open letter to mark your baby's firsts.


I got one for Mila as a prize from MonogramsMNL. It's just a fun, simple way to display some of your baby's stats. You can DIY it if you are good with design apps or just save time and get a pro to do it. MonogramsMNL uses the best quality paper (we even got a glittery one) and the frame that comes with it is nice too. All I did was to give the theme and color choice and she does all the magic. It was very easy to transact with her. I had to do a couple of changes on the design because I changed my mind but she was very ok with it. She even suggested a few things that made the design a lot better. Go to http://www.monogramsmnl.com/ to order yours now.

From the beloved Pampers BabyBook application
Pampers sees the need for moms to capture, celebrate and share their baby's firsts especially in a country hailed as the social networking capital of the world. With this, new Pampers FirstBook was launched to preserve wonderful moments in the best possible way.

As simple as logging journal entried, uploading images and videos, Pampers FirstBook goes on this journey of development with moms from baby's first overnight sleep to his first few steps. Pampers not only enabled baby a good night's sleep that leads to another day of firsts, but also helps moms remember, celebrate, and share milestones with family and friends.

Baby's first journey continues after Pampers FirstBook, as moms have the ability to collect and document baby's first 12 accomplishments through Pampers FirstMovie.

To create Pampers FirstBook and FirstMovie accounts, Filipino mommies can log on to http://www.firstbook.ph and begin documenting and treasuring baby's Firsts.

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