Lemon Kiss - Perfect For Little Ladies

I wanted to dress Mila like a more fashionable little version of me - casual and a little boyish. But since she turned one, she had shown her love for dainty things. When given 2 to 3 outfit choices, she almost always pick the ones with flowers and frills. Dresses rather than shirts. Well, she doesn't always get her way but I love to indulge her. I've recently been hoarding dresses for her. There are just so many

When I was introduced to Lemon Kiss, I knew this is perfect for us! It's a clothing line for little girls. Sold primarily at most SM department stores nationwide, it's also available for online order through their Facebook page. Lemon Kiss have dresses that has the cutest prints and the most flattering fit. It's mostly made of cotton so it's light and comfortable. Perfect for our perpetually hot weather. The designs are classic and trendy, something that can be used for any occasion. Mila gets to wear these dresses for Church and parties. Sometimes, even on play dates too. She loves the full skirt when she twirls dancing to Hi-5. The dresses are available for little ladies aged 2 to 8 years old and the price ranges from P300 to P700+.

Here's some of my favorites from Lemon Kiss' past and current collection:

I love all the  dresses and it was hard to pick just a few designs. I also love the full skirt. It's fun and does not restrict movement for my active toddler. I can definitely see Mila as one of the models on Lemon Kiss' summer shoot. Princess tea party anyone?

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