Tons Of Fun at The Kid's Workshop

{This post was written about 5 months ago, I don't know why this was on drafts so I'm posting it now}

We got an invite to schedule a playdate at Kids Workshop in Greenhills through Mommy Bloggers Philippines. After almost a month, we finally went and my only regret is that we didn't go sooner.

This was Mila's first time to go to a play area where she will be with a lot of kids from different age groups whom we don't know. The overprotective mom in me was too afraid to have her a go. What if Mila doesn't like it? She may just cry and throw tantrums. What if she gets hurt? I'm not sure how I will react if other kids bully her. She may fall or bump her head. What will I do if she refuses to leave when it's time to go? Too many what ifs. Just as with most of my first-time-mom fears, I just decided to let it all go (enter Frozen theme. Haha).

We went to Kids Workshop on a Friday to try and avoid the weekend crowd. The place was very easy to find. The place wqs welcoming and feels safe, which is important if I was to keave my child. The doors are locked and monitored. 

There were 3 sixers running around when we got there - twin boys Batman and Robin and Ate Elsa (that's what they want us to call them). I was a little afraid they might accidentally hurt Mila but they're really sweet and even joins Mila in their games. Yup, Mila joins the big league and she can hold her own. 

The first thing that caught Mila's eyes were the wooden horses. And there I was again, panicking on the inside with thoughts of a my cowgirl baby falling off the horse head first. But this is time for exploring. So off she goes, wearing a super hero cape, all brave and proud! At that point, I really let go and started to have fun myself. It's like I'm a kid again, showing Mila how to play all the toys scattered everywhere. Pretend play is so much fun! Mila and I were heroes for a day. 

We spent a good time in the ball pit. It's not the safest part I would say since the area is too dark and the ceiling is quiet low. Ate Elsa had to crawl so she can play with Mila. If anything, that will be the only feedback I can give. 

Some parts like the hanging bridge and the rope ladder are for older kids and Mila cannot enjoy yet. I tried them myself and it took my weight and they feel sturdy. 

There's an upstair loft and the little girl got to explore it show  I showed her how to play lego and got some quiet time on the beanbags. As always, she gets drawn to the bookshelf. I think she took half of the books off the shelf and flipped through their pages. I really have an avid reader here. We would have spent all our time reading but Kuya Batman was too eager to play with Mila, he kept going up and down the stairs and I'm afraid he'll fall so down we go. 

Another first for Mila: slides. We had to go up and down a few times, because I love to hear her scream with delight. Right before we go, the attendant (sorry I forgot their names) said we still have art&crafts time. I was quite surprised since the play areas I know don't have anything like this. Mila made a mess making her art snake. Doesn't matter because we had fun!

Ribbon: from her Birthday Dress
Top: Gingersnaps
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Mini Melissa replica
My Superhero
Supermom and Superbabe
Mila's favorite areas: Ball Pit and Slide
Another favorite spot: Bookshelves
Mila looks so grown up!

Since we I was too tired already, we had no time to shop around Greenhills anymore. I'm sure we'll be back though. It's a little too far from our place but I know Kids Workshop is a good place to have Mila play and learn. Next time, I know I can leave her (with yaya or dad, of course) for  a great hour of shopping time for mommy. 

2/F Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Telephone: 723-09-32
Mobile: +63-917-599-5324

Play Schedules:
Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Admission Rates (Mon - Fri):
Unlimited Play: Php 410.00
One Hour Play: Php 300.00
Level Up (Upgrade from 1hr to Unlimited): Php 150.00
Adult Pass: Php 50.00

You can sign up for a Kids FUNclub membership for Php 500.00, valid for 1 year. All members gets tons of freebies and discounts.


  1. Rackell VillarealMarch 5, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    Ang cute ni Mila. :) You should try Gymboree rin, dun madalas maglaro si Rhian eh, although mas maraming toys and malalaro sya dyan. Ma try nga minsan, kaya lang medyo malayo sa area namin eh. :(

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartApril 22, 2015 at 12:01 AM

    gusto ko nga din try sa Gymboree kaso parang mahal? and I don't know din kung saan may malapit dito sa QC

  3. Paulline @ milastolemyheartApril 22, 2015 at 12:02 AM

    super bilis! minsan I look at her and still gets surprised kasi super laki na nya. kahit lagi kami magkasama, nakakagulat pa din.

  4. I am kinda hesitant too to hve my twins play at places din na baka hindi pa nila syado maenjoy at maapreciate. We've been to a small play house in SM Masinag twice and what I've notice is, they really love colorful balls and they know how to shoot it on a ring. Gusto ko din itry yung Kidzoona kasi yun ung malapit sa place namin.


  5. it's so cute! where did you buy the mini melissa replica?

  6. Paulline @ milastolemyheartAugust 25, 2015 at 6:35 AM

    Hi! It's been so long, I already forgot which IG account I bought the shoues from. But I just recently tried ordering from and they have tons of cute mini melissa inspired shoes. Can't vouch for the quality yet but will update you once we got them. ;)


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