Calorie Counting with FamilyMart's Fresh n' Lite Meals

It's no secret that I am a fan of FamilyMart since I go there pretty much everyday for my work lunch or snack. Recently, I started counting calories because I gained almost 15 lbs in one month. I know I should exercise more but I find that for now, adjusting my diet is the way I would have to go. So no more of my favorite FamilyMart Green Tea soft serve ice cream (a tear fell).

I couldn't be happier when I got the invite to attend the launch of Family Mart's Fresh n' Lite Meals. These are the newest offering of Family Mart's on the go meals - healthy meals that are accessible, scrumptious, and affordable.

For a working mom like myself, it's a daily challenge to prepare good food, much less count calories. At work, I almost always rely on convenience food since I couldn't not always bring my own packed lunch. The Fresh n' Light meals from Family Mart gives me that good option to easily manage my calorie intake.

According to, I need to be eating about 1000 to 1200 calories per day to loose weight. Let's see how the Fresh n' Lite meal will fare

Fresh n' Lite Meals The Whole Day

For Breakfast

All Fresh n' Lite rice meals are served with brown rice. I usually eat white rice and occasionally, corn rice. I never found brown rice apetizing because of it's texture. When I tasted the Breakfast Beef and Chicken Rice meals, I could not believe this can be coming from fast-food. Brown rice is very high in fiber and low in glycemic index. It has a light coating of sesame mayo and has added bits of kangkong for a more nutritious meal. Between the two, I like the Beef Rice Better only because it's served tapa style while the chicken is more like tocino.

Breakfast Beef Rice | 427 Calories | P150.00
Breakfast Chicken Rice | 520 Calories | P150.00
For Lunch or Dinner

Craving for chicken? The Healthy Hainanese Chicken is a better, tastier option. It's served with chili sauce and ginger leek sauce for that spicy boost of flavor. You know I love spice and I enjoyed mixing the two. Another light meal available is the Smoked Fish Rice Meal. You'd get a serving of tinapang bangus and greens for  good dose of Vitamin B and K, kangkong, and tomato salsa which is high in vitamin C. And my favorite, The Kimchi Beef Rice. I've always loved kimchi but my husband does not like the smell. I bet this is something he will enjoy barbecue you get the taste of good kimchi, without the smell. The beef is seasoned with sesame oild and it's just so tender, with a good serving size.
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Healthy Hainanese Chicken | 173 Calories | P150.00
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Smoked Fish Rice Meal | 275 Calories | P150.00
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Kimchi Beef Rice | 401 Calories | P175.00
For Snacks

When you need that extra something in between meals, Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip is perfect for you. Serves more and sold cheaper than from a known coffee shop, the hummus really makes this snack taste extra special. If you are like me who can't skip meryenda, Fresh n' Lite pasta meals are also available - the Chicken Pomodoro and Spanish Sardine Arabiatta.. Both are spaghetti topped with tomato sauce that's rich in aromatics and seasoning. You can choose to have the protein-rich slices of chicken fillet, ot the light and spicy spanish sardine. I find the later more flavorful.
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip | 154 Calories | P75.00
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Chicken Pomodoro | 332 Calories | P69.00
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Spanish Sardine Arabiatta | 320 Calories | P69.00
For Dessert

Filipinos would not have a complete meal without dessert. The Classic Taho is more like panacota with a taste of vanilla. The silky soya pudding is so rich in protein, it's a dessert I can enjoy guilt-free.
Fresh n' Lite Meals
Classic Taho (Mango Taho also available)| 180 Calories | P55.00

Calorie Counting

Here's two sample full day menu:

Breakfast: Breakfast Beef Rice - 427 Calories
Lunch: Healthy Hainanese Chicken - 173 Calories
Dessert: Classic Taho - 180 Calories
Snacks: Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip - 154 Calories
Dinner: Kimchi Beef Rice - 401 Calories
Total: 1335 Calories

Breakfast: Breakfast Chicken Rice | 520 Calories
Lunch: Spanish Sardine Arabiatta | 320 Calories
Snacks: Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip - 154 Calories
Dinner: Smoked Fish Rice Meal | 275 Calories
Total: 1269 Calories

sample calculation on how many calories you should be eating in a day to either maintain or lose weight

Notice how I can easily be within the recommended calorie count and lose weight. I can even skip on snacks and dessert to lose weight faster. With how the meals taste and the amount of each serving, I know I will not feel like I'm on a diet at all.

Instant Party Food

During the event, we were served the same convenience food straight out of the store into the microwave. Chef Him who was the main guy that developed this menu plated these for us. He said he wanted us to really taste the Fresh n' Lite meals the same way as when we buy it from the store. What's nice is that the food really looks nice and taste good. If you are in a pinch and you need to serve some quick food to your guest, this is a great idea.

Healthy Fast-Food? Maybe. You be the judge. For me, I know I love to eat good food and when I need to have it fast and not worry about the calories, I can rely on Family Mart's Fresh n' Lite Meals.

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  1. Wow! This week naman I'm on yummy diet. Calorie counting din. Glad that Family Mart also have it. Okay to ah! :D


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