Help Your Child Achieve More With Multiple Intelligence

What is Multiple Intelligence

According to Howard Gardner of Project Zero at Harvard University, there are 8 forms of intelligences that help us learn new skills or solve problems. To differentiate, let's look at each of these intelligences*

1. Linguistic: The ability to read, write, or talk to others.
2. Logical-mathematical: The ability to use numbers, understand patterns, and exhibit reason. 
3. Visual-Spatial:  The ability to create a visual image of a potential project or idea and then act on this visualization. 
4. Bodily-kinesthetic:  The ability to use one's own body or parts of the body as a medium of expression or to solve a problem. 
5. Musical:  The ability to perform musically or to produce written music 
6. Interpersonal:  The sensitivity one has toward others, along with the ability to work well with other people, understand others, and assume leadership roles. 
7. Intrapersonal: the accurate understanding of one's self (who one is, what one wants, and a realistic sense of what one can do) and the ability to act according to this knowledge. 
8. Naturalist: The ability discriminate among living things, such as plants or animals, as well as an understanding of other features of the natural world, such as weather or geology

The recent years had seen a big push to develop the different forms of intelligence. Gone are the days when everything is about learning from books and getting high marks in school. Children needs to be recognized on how good they are in the academics, as well as their ability to be good at other things as well, such as the arts and their social skills. Developing multiple intelligence for our children helps them become a well-rounded individual that can have a bigger chance for success.

Teaching with multiple intelligence

Each intelligence is equally important but certain factors would affect how one person can be biased towards one or more intelligence.  For a child who favors Linguistic intelligence, he would most likely excel on a learning environment that uses books and lectures to teach. Another child who is inclined with Visual-Spatial intelligence on the other hand may take longer to process the same lesson on the same teaching environment and be deemed less intelligent. Knowing about Multiple Intelligence will help us adapt to how we teach our child effectively until they are ready to use all learning intelligence.

Progress Pre-school GOLD encourages Filipino moms to move up to a more progressive approach to parenting as experts prove that young minds gain knowledge through play, direct experience and social interaction.

Activities have become open-ended and interdisciplinary and the more kids exposed to different fields and interests, the more they are able to perform better and beyond given measures.

Leading with multiple intelligence

“Multiple intelligence can spark multiple achievements – it is the edge that this new generation will have.” says Rhea Villareal, Senior Product Manager, Progress Pre-School GOLD.

This edge is perhaps best exemplified by some of this country’s young multi-achievers who were recently recognized at Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day. Among them are Sofia Pablo, whose excellence in academics is complemented only by equally impressive achievements in dance and sports; Cedric Rafael Uson, whose potential for leadership and the arts are notable; Sean Clarence Cai, who consistently impresses others with his propensity for numbers and excellent interpersonal skills at such a young age; Luis Raphael Danao, whose academic achievements are rivaled only by his passion and excellence in sports; and Ciara Russegger, whose athleticism and academic inclinations prove that a seamless integration of brain, body and people smart is possible with the right support.

Kim Atienza, multi-achiever and Commencement speaker in the Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day, also expressed that his well-rounded character has been key in achieving success in life. “Multiple Intelligence has equipped me to confidently engage with the world and readily accept challenges with family, passions, and career,” says Atienza.

"With multiple intelligence, you don't just go one step ahead, you go twice as far," says Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Multiple Intelligence advocate.

Improving access to multiple intelligence

Progress Pre-school GOLD’s multiple intelligence advocacy has the opportunity to transform development approaches simply by highlighting the fact that various facets of intelligence combine to create a balanced and successful child that can potentially change the world. 

As a means to further promote multiple intelligence, Wyeth is partnering with the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP), a non-government organization committed to improve all aspects of the national reading programs and teaching procedures through teacher-training and research.

RAP calls educators to embrace a comprehensive curriculum to promote students' maximum participation for overall development. It educates school teachers using proven progressive methods to teach kids to learn to read and enhance comprehension — thus, facilitate a better learning environment to help students to progress into multi-achievers.

Progressive moms have a partner in Progress Pre-School GOLD as they further support the development of their child’s multiple intelligence. Progress Pre-School GOLD is now with its best-ever GOLD Biofactors System with higher levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein to support a child’s multiple intelligence.

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