How Uber Handled My Complaint

For more than one year now, Uber had been my transport of choice when we cannot use our car FoFi. This is most specially when it's just Mila and I travelling, minus the hubby.

For those not familiar with Uber, it is a ride sharing service that allows you to book a ride through a mobile app. When you request for a pickup, the system will connect you to the the nearest driver, much like any cab, except Uber will have you picked up by a private car.

I love the system but it's not perfect. Before i share my complaint, let me start with saying why I love Uber:

1. Uber is Safe. Both drivers and passengers have a lot of easy ways to track each other, discouraging thoughts of doing something unwanted from both parties. Drives are required to undergo investigation and submit their NBI clearance before they can be part of the Uber roster.

2. Uber is Convenient. Imagine carrying a big, heavy bag on your shoulder, a restless toddler on one hand and groceries bags on another. This while you try to hail a cab, amongst dozen of other passengers trying to get someplace too. Been there, done that. I'd never want the pain of waiting for hours and fighting my way to get a ride when Uber drivers are just a click away.

3. Uber is Affordable. It maybe luxurious for some who regularly ride the bus or MRT. For someone who prefers a cab, Uber is a more affordable option. When we were still staying in Pasay, my regular taxi fare to my office in Makati is P80-P90. Drivers already expect to get paid P100 for that, plus tip. With Uber, I get charged the same rate and the exact amount gets taken from my account. I tried giving tips to some drivers before but they never accept it. Not sure if they are not allowed or too nice to do so.

Recently, one of the drivers told me that Uber map is now directly linked to Waze - a free GPS system I personally use. I love that because drivers can easily find your pickup location and also get the fastest route to your destination. I even tried chaging destinatons in the middle of my trip (as suggested by the driver just to test it)and it updated the route on the driver's device realtime. Cool!

As I mentioned, it's not all peachy with Uber. I got a couple of drivers who were not too happy with my pickup location or destination. They definitely made me feel so with the way they drove. Sometime last week, after our Zomato Foodie Meetup at Cucina ni Bunso, I booked a ride to get home. The car that came was a brand new Eon. I must say it's is a little disappointing because I got so used with the Lancers, Jazz, and Innovas . It's still nice and clean and it was just me so I did not mind too much that it's small. The driver was nice and friendly and engaged in small talk. He said he was not familiar with Timog area and may not be able to pick me up if not for Waze. He said he's starting the trip and drove off and never asked me for directions or which route i want to take. I was competent he will be using Waze to get me home too. It was a little too late when I noticed we were on the longest, heaviest traffic route. The 15 minute ride took 30 minutes more.

Uber always sends a receipt for each ride and there is an easy link to rate your driver. I gave the ride 3 out of 5 stars. Uber charges like any metered taxi. It calculates the distance and time for the ride. I knew I was paying more than I should and I did not appreciate the lost time I could have spent with my daughter. The driver was still nice and courteous so I gave some points for that. The other night, I had time and decided to give a full feedback on my ride. Here's What I wrote: 


I thought that was it until I checked my email yesterday afternoon. After less than a day, I got a response and was being given a refund! Talk about great customer service. I never asked for a refund but they proactively gave it. It shows that they took time to read and review my feedback. Kudos to Michael and the whole Uber team.
The reply I got from Uber Support
Screenshot from my Uber Account

An email confirmation of the refund with trip details
I work in a client-centric environment and I know how important it is to make your client's know that you care for them. There may be some complaints that you cannot do anything about, or you may not be able to provide what your client is asking for. What is important is how you make them feel. How you show that you genuinely care and is proactively looking for options beneficial to both parties. That is how Uber handled my concern. They showed that they treat their clients as human and not just numbers that they earn from.

Months ago, I posted a horrible story about cab driver and my lost mobile phone. We hear lots of nightmare stories about other cab drivers and all we can do is post it in social media and hope that it goes viral because that is the only way LTFRB or any other authority will be moved into action. Now I know I got Uber to take the risk out of commuting. And for any reason I got something to complain about, I also know Uber will listen.

*I was not paid by Uber or ayone else to post this. I just had an experience I want to share. If you want to try Uber too, use my account referal code: ubermilastolemyheart and get FREE P100 for your first ride


  1. Joey Tibayan-BayanApril 29, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    I have to use a credit card to book an uber ride? I have no credit card and will never apply for one. It is great that they take care of their clients.

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartApril 29, 2015 at 6:30 PM

    Hi Joey. I have a credit card but I only use debit card for Uber. I got an LBC Swipe&Send card specifically for Uber. You can try the Globe Debit Mastercard too. ;)

  3. Paulline @ milastolemyheartApril 29, 2015 at 6:31 PM

    Kakagulat na nakakatuwa!


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