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Before April officially ends, I want to say how wonderful this month had been. We got to travel and try new things. We received unexpected but welcome blessing and got to share them too. I had a hair make over and I feel like a different person. Most importantly Mila had been continuously achieving milestones that makes us so proud.
To celebrate, I decided that Mila and I will have a cheat day. Last Saturday, with an invitation to try the newest branch of Love Desserts in Pearl Drive, Fairview, Mila and I had the best time indulging our sweet tooth. 

Hubs was not available to drive us so we used Uber instead. The place was so easy to find and very accessible. It's just along Commonwealth Avenue so you can take a bus or jeep going to and from Fairview. Mila had a short nap during the trip so when we got to the place, she was already in a good mood.
We met up with other Mommy Bloggers who were already in the midst of enjoying the feast.
Love Desserts buffet offers all kinds of sweet treats - cakes &  cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, truffles, crepes, and even halo-halo. What's interesting is that the dishes are not really too sweet so you can try everything in the table without getting sick from sugar. Just in case you think you had enough of the sugary treats (as if that's possible), there are savory options too. From the buffet table, Mila really enjoyed her lugaw (rice porridge). I loved the spicy cheesesticks. There was nachoes with yummy salsa too. I think there's a couple more non-dessert dishes but honestly, I ignored them because I wanted to fill my tummy up with all the sinfully tasty, sugary treat I can. You can separately order rice meals too if, *gasp* you don't eat desserts. I bet if Hubs was there, he'll be raving mad because Mila is on sugar-high
Big Cookie
cookie as big as Mila's head
Dessert Buffet Table
Mila loved those shot glass desserts
Dessert Buffet Table
My favorite rainbow cake and Mini Cheesecake Cups
Dessert Buffet Table
can you say Yum?!
Dessert Buffet Table
Halo-Halo is just perfect for summer! (or any time of the year really)
Dessert Buffet Table
Some of the savory dishes available in the desert table
The space in Love Desserts Fairview is bigger and looks better. I love the interiors and the layout. It gives you space to move around without bumping into other diners so you won't feel shy going for seconds or thirds. Mila was able to run around the place even if the place was packed.

I find that this is a good place to celebrate parties. The newest branch can easily pack 65 people. The outside veranda can be an extension too if you have more visitors. It's such a good deal because the place looks good enough that you don't need to decorate much. You only pay P199.00/person and everyone will surely go home full. Good deal right?
mila OOTD
#milaOOTD: April 25, 2015
Pompom Headband
Plaid Top: Gingersnaps
Jumper: Old Navy
Shoes: Gymboree

It was indeed a cheat day for me. I already started counting the calories I eat but heck, I could not deprive my self from all the heavenly treats. Mila had her fill too and might as well because she had all the energy to play at the Babypalooza Bazaar afterwards.

We can't wait to go back!

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