#milaOOTD: Clownin' Around

It's the Weekend!!! Finally!
Seems like it's been decades since I stayed home for the weekend. We were suppose to go to Zambales again today with Hubs' team but I decided it's best that Mila and I just stay home. We love the beach but the travel can be tiring. And it's so hard to keep up with household chores when you barely stay home.

I also missed playing with Mila. I know we had been spending a lot of time together but it's mostly spend on traveling or eating and sleeping. I missed carefree time with Mila. Just to give you a glimpse of what we do together, here's some of my favorite "fashion" time with Mila.

It was one of those days when I was sorting through clothes I want to sell or give away. We were on our usual ritual: I fold, Mila unfolds, I fold, Mila throws, I fold, Mila wears. Everytime she sees me with her clothes, she thinks it's dress up time and will pick up her outfit for the day. This is what she picked up. She was already wearing the dress. She would not stop bugging me until she got her skirt on. It was the skirt she wore for her birthday and last year's Halloween party. The headpiece, she picked that one up too and wore it herself. 

I could not stop laughing and she keeps giving me her pacute face. Too bad I was not able to get better photos since I only a cranky old phone nearby. As soon as her outfit was complete, she was out of the room to go check herself out in the mirror and show off to her dad.
#milaOOTD: Mar 13, 2015
Headband: IG Shop
Dress used as top: F&X
Skirt: made to order from Tiddletots

I never got to finish my task because I was laughing so hard and I could not let that moment pass. It was just playtime the whole day then. I wish this weekend will be as fun!

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