#milaOOTD: SomeBunny

I've been MIA again! There's a good story behind it. Will share it when I get more than a few minutes to do anything. For now, I can't help but share Easter Sunday's #milaOOTD. This little girl loves bunnies as much as she loves carrots. Even if we do not really celebrate Easter, we dressed like SomeBunny.

#milaOOTD: April 5
Headband Berret: online MilkMonsterStore
Top: Gingersnaps
Pants: no label boyfriend jeans
Shoes: MiniMel Replica

I love how comfy and fun she looked. Her dad hated the shirt because it was "too lousy" but Mila called the print "hophop" which is her code for bunny and it's Easter. Come on, you get it! I can't tell if it's a bunny or a dog though. The shoes are two sizes too big but it's Mila's current favorite. I can't believe how comfy these are and looks so much like the originals. It's our second MiniMel look-alike. I am not sure I'm ready for the price of the original but we will very much appreciate if someonw will give it as a gift! *wink*

This was Mila's outfit pre-church. As I mentioned, we do not celebrate Easter. In fact, we just stayed home during the Holy Week. As with every year, hubs and I have work so it was just a normal work week for us. There are a few things different though. As I posted in Facebook, it felt like I was on a time warp last Saturday. I still could not believe I heard the term  "Gamol" again.
I also got into collecting this season's Happy Meal toys. Because there was no MRT, I have to go to hub's office building after my shift to wait for him so we could drive home together. I parked myself in McDonald's and I found the new Happy Meal toy so cute, So on Sunday, before we went to church, I asked that we go to McDo again just so we can get more OHs. Too bad there were no toys available on 2 branches we went to. We ended up on Jollibee instead since Mila enjoys JollySpaghetti and Peach Mango Pie alot, and it's also closer to church. 

That's pretty much our last weekend. It's mid week now and we are off to a new adventure this weekend. I may be MIA on the blog again but I'll do my best to update you on social media. I promise, it will be a fun adventure because we are going to Bicol! So please follow me on Instagram,Twitter, and Facebook!

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  1. Iam Decano-SerranoApril 8, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    hello momma :) just stumbled upon your blog. So happy to read mommy experiences as much as looking at pictures on IG :) Hope you had a wonderful easter


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