Playdate at The Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last January, we had our first (official) playdate at The Ayala Triangle Garden. It was a day of fun and laughter that was enjoyed by both kids and parents.
Thanks again to Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I've met new friends who I can share the joys and trials of parenting. We learn from each other about blogging, motherhood, and family, as much as we just have fun talking about anything under the sun. Oh, and Mila got new friends too! Yey!
Us mommies had been chatting online and we decided we wanted our kids to join in the fun too. Mila don't have much kids to pay with everyday. We were still staying in Pasay then and as I mentioned before, we'd rather have her stay inside the house most times. We were excited because it'll be a our first time to meet some of the kids we hear and read about on some of our favorite blogs. This is a good way for Mila to practice and improve her social skills. It's also our first time to have a picnic. Parks are a little too far from our place so it's not something we can do anytime. And this is a chance for Mila to play, run, roll on the grass as much as she can. Bonus is that we have her dad with us so it's a friend and family bonding too.
Needless to say, we had so much fun that day. Mila was her usual charming self. No tears for the little girl and she was her usual friendly self. I guess they're still too young though to really play together because each kid pretty much had their own world (until it was time for snacks). We moms, had the best laugh too, in part because we get to talk nonstop while the daddies chase our kids. That's why it's fun to bring Dads on playdate. ;)
Here's some of the photos I was able to take. It's not much because we were all busy talking.

A shout out to these beautiful mommies and their equally wonderful babies!
Because I am so updated with posting this (NOT!), this small group had grown to the unofficial South Chapter of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. We had another playdate since and looking forward to another one. Hopefully very soon! Right ladies? Mila and I miss you all!

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  1. nice! eyeballs ng mga moms :)



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