8 #MayPac Facebook Posts That Really Made Me Laugh

A lot of people had shown support for Pacquiao on his fight against Mayweather, including us of course. I refrained from logging in to social network before and during the fight. When he lost, my newsfeed got flooded with #MayPac reaction ranging from acceptance to bitterness. There are just some that came from creative minds that really made me laugh so hard.

Here's fom a 'boxing statistician' who definitely hit the right numbers. Way better than the official ringside scores.

Notice the difference between the two boxer's shorts? Mayweather may be the highest paid athlete. But Pacquiao has more endorsements, which can be better in the long run. But finally, after the fight, Mayweather got a sponsor.
This one made me sing out loud and was on LSS the whole day.

Our gay friends are rejoicing! This is boxing, not Ms. U or any other beauty contest! I also remember a story a friend told me. Her husband's colleague was asking him to schedule workers to go to work Sunday. He said no one would want to go and he himself wouldn't. They went to their supervisor and was told no one needs to work. "It's the fight of the century for God's sake! Only gays would not want to watch the fight." The colleague was (secretly) gay. He watched the fight too! so much to stereotyping.

I like warm hugs too! Specially if it will give me hundreds of millions! This one was one of the firsts memes that got viral, I think.
Oh, this is my favorite! Mart posts really witty commentaries, specially on his daily MRT rides. I find this one quiet unique and made me really laugh hard! Just a couple of night ago, my feed was flooded with #Forevermore commentaries. I guess he understands the sentiments.
 Finally, this topped my favorites! Need I say more?

For the record, I feel that Mayweather won the fight fair and square. Pacquiao is still great. He just was not his best during the #MayPac #FightOfTheCentury. Win or loose, we still enjoyed that day because we had the chance to bond as a family. We invited my dad and sisters and cousin and ate are asses off. Mila enjoyed her day with Lolo.

The aftermath of the fight was still fun. Just look at all the funny memes and posts floating around. Filipinos really find reasons to smile on every situation!


  1. Tawang din ako sa mga #MayPac Memes. I was about to post a compilation din like this one pero mas natawa ako dito. In fairness sa mga friends mo, ang witty!! :) Anyway, I think Pacquiao should have won because Mayweather's "punches" are not really score-able. Hahaha! But I my husband says otherwise. Lamang daw talaga. Oh well nalang ako. Mas may alam sya sa boxing eh. Hihihi!



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