#milaOOTD: Mila Was Here (Plus Our Nivea Big Sale Loot)

In preparaton for the #FightOfTheCentury, Hubs and I decided to do our grocery shopping early. We invited my family to watch the fight with us since we got pay-per-view. Hubs convinced me my dad would enjoy it a lot so we signed up early.

As always, we want Mila to go with us to the grocery since it's family time too. We normally go to Puregold. It's not the biggest in terms of the amount of grocery but I love that there are big spaces in between the aisles. Less chance for carts to bump on each other, and more area for Mila to go run and play. 

I love thise #milaOOTD (ok, I love them all). I just find it so cute when she poses on her own. I actually just took a couple of shots in front of the the roll down gate since we we're already loading the groceries to the car and getting ready to go. When I called her to come near me, she shook her head no. She wanted another photo and that's the second pic right there. I know I should get a better camera. Or camera phone. I just need something that can cope up with the speed of a toddler's movement so my shots will not be so blurred.
#milaOOTD: May 1, 2015
Hat: H&M
Dress: F&X (gift from Lola Carmen)
Sandals: Crocs

One of the reasons too why I wanted to shop early was because of the Nivea's Big Sale. I grew up with my mom using the Nivea moisturizer. The one in a round can that is almost always in the refrigerator. I used Nivea lotion but had since switched to using Argan Oil. Mila sometimes uses the Nivea Head To Toe Wash and Nivea Moisturizing Lotion. We're not loyal really the type to stick to one brand since we're constantly trying new things to see what works. She's on Aveeno now for her bath soap and we're testing the Human Nature Sunflower Oil that we put on her legs mostly.

I mentioned that because I noticed that a lot of mommies I know who took advantage of the Nivea Sale got supplies that I think can last them even 2 years or more. They will even go to multiple stores just to get all the stocks left. Like they do not want to give others the chance to purchase the same thing. I'm not even sure if they can use it before the expiration date. 

As a shopper, I try to buy only what we will use and what we need. I may put in something extra just to test a new product, or splurge a little. But I will definitely not hoard. I try to avoid wasting money on something I will not use. Sometimes, we think that going to a sale saves you money. Not buying anything will save you money! I never thought this way when I was younger. I'm glad Mila Was Here there with me put all things in perspective!
Our Nivea Big Sale Loot
Sun Spray for Kids
After Sun Spray
Extra Whitening Deo Stick
Head to Toe Wash
Moisturizing Lotion
In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner
The Nivea Big Sale is still happening in select Supermarkets, Department Stores, Drug Stores and Groceries natiinwide until May 9. Avail of 50% discount on ALL Nivea Products. Hurry because I heard that stocks are running out really fast!


  1. We also hoard over the Nivea Sale! I am also a Nivea user and too sad I didn't see those babies essentials wala yan sa rob eastwood! Though I was able to get some for me and my partner.



  2. Agree with not hoarding during sale especially sa mga ganito na may expiration. Kasi sayang diba? When I was single I would hoard mga damit and shoes lalo na pag mura. As in same style different colors. Baliw lang. But now, no more. Mahirap ang buhay. Btw, Mila is such a cutieeee!!!


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