#milaOOTD: B&W Stripes

As much as I try to avoid eating out midweek, we sometimes indulge on those spur of the moment outings too. Most of the time, it's late lunch or early dinner.

The plan was to limit the times we dine out to maximum of 4 times a month. As I type this post, I realize we've been going out almost 4 times weekly. Imagine how much we could have saved. Then again, it's well worth it if that means time to bond with my loves, doing the things we love.

#milaOOTD: April 2015
handmade bow
denim vest: Levi's Jacket with sleeves cut off
dress: lailaandlyra (IG)
belt: headband from one of Mila's dolls
cat shoes: Mini Melissa

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