#milaOOTD: Mom's Mini-Me

An old wive's tale: If a baby looks more like the father, it means the mother loves the father more than he loves her. And Vice versa.
Yup, you've seen this outfit before. We're not artistas you know! ;) 
During Mila's first week, I thought I looked so much like her. Then days passed and there's more resemblance I see with her dad. I don't mind at all. It's adorable looking at them together. Pinagbiyak na bunga talaga! 

I read that when a baby is born, most of the time he or she resembles the dad more than the mom. It's a good thing so that the dad will not have an excuse to say the baby is not theirs, right? When DNA Paternity Test was not yet available, this was nature's way of saying "Your the Father!" (I bet you said that with Maury's voice). There's no scientific proof to that though so it may be another old wive's tale.
Now at almost two, people say Mila is looking more like Me. Yey! Maybe it's the hair, or maybe because we dress a like a little too much. I feel honored when people say that because Mila has such a pretty face. Yeah, I'm her mom so I'm allowed to say that.

#milaOOTD: May 27, 2015
 Turban: IG @tiny.stitches
Black top and Jumper: locally made
Shoes: Sugar Kids 
I still feel that Mila is her own self. She looks like Mila. Maybe a mix of all of her family's feature put together by God to make such a beautiful baby!

Who do you think your baby looks like?


  1. Maybe we could also wear jumper with the twinboys. Cute!



  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartMay 28, 2015 at 12:52 AM

    definitely! That will look so cute!

  3. I honestly think she looks like daddy. Hahahaha! The smile though is yours. :) I miss Mila na. :)


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