Notes From MBP's First Photography Workshop

It's been a couple of months since I attended Mommy Bloggers Philippines' first ever workshop. It took me a while to post this because I was afraid I may not giving justice to Joy's talent.

The whole morning was like brunch with good friends. No technical terms that could make this a Work
We took turns taking photos of the food served by Raintree's Kabila Filipino Bistro. I would be honest and tell you I enjoyed eating the food more than taking their photos. They all just taste so scrumptious. Filipino food served beautifully, that can only enhance their flavor. 

These are a few things took note of during the workshop
  1. You can learn how to take blog worthy photos with any camera device you have - Cellphones, DSLRs, Digital Cameras. It does not matter. I used to be intimidated with other bloggers and their high-end cameras. Not so much anymore (I still wish I got one though)
  2. Photography is all about light! Learn to play with light. The best source is the sun. You can use diffusers (a sheer curtain will do) or reflector boards (crumpled aluminum foil-covered cardboard) as needed.
  3. Props can make or break your photos.
  4. Take different angles to allow you to showcase the best of your subject.
  5. Joy's laugh is contagious - she can start laughing for any random reason and it will be so hard to make her stop. This actually made the whole session fun and light.

Finally, I'm sharing all photos I took during the workshop. Edits are limited to cropping, collage, and watermark. They are otherwise left unedited. I used my trusty old HTC OneX Camera phone.

Practicing different camera angles with Ensaladang Kabila (PhP 195.00)
See how the photo was more alive with the use of props.
Click continue for more photos.

BBQ Sa Tabi-Tabi - Stuffed Squid (PhP 275.00)
Tinta (PhP 295.00)
A Pot Of Pinakbet (PhP 250.00)
BBQ Chicken Inasal (PhP 350.00)
Leche Flan Turon with Chochnut Sauce
Ube Tres Leches
Tablea Cake

Joy shared so many useful tips and I'm still struggling to master them all. I still need to practice a lot so I can be more proud sharing blog photos directly from the camera, with no edit. Hopefully, that will help me catch up on blog posts.

You can visit for more lessons on taking blog worthy photos. Joy rarely uses technical terms so it learning on your own will be easy. I still recommend that you join the next workshop because the fun and personalized tips will be more than worth it.


  1. May De Jesus-PalacpacMay 13, 2015 at 2:34 PM

    Wow! Your pictures are great!

  2. Nice!!! So inggit hindi ako nakasama. I agree when you said na nakaka intimidate yung ibang bloggers that uses a high end camera. Then we all found out that it's all about lighting lang pala. lately, I saw the difference in taking photos during golden hours. I have not tried the one with diffusers pa eh.. I am stalking joy's blog for more tips hahaha! Sana may round 2!! =)

  3. Wow.. I am inggit too, dahil hindi me nakasama.. before I do not have a phone that has a good quality camera that I have own camera now. I wish for round 2and sana weekends. ^^

  4. Hi Jen! Gottcha! Hahaha, continue stalking me, I won't mind. If you have questions let me know, I'm happy to help. About round 2, we will get there, not just this quarter but we will definitely do! :) Cheers to capturing and sharing blog worthy photos! :)

  5. Thank you Paulline! I'm proud of your photos! I'm also happy to know that you learned a lot and you find everything I shared in the workshop useful! Keep practicing and experimenting, you are doing great! :)

  6. Yey! Please let me know asap!! can't wait. =)


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