15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo

Go Girl Expo Finds
HealthJunkie.ph was a media partner at the recently held Go Girl Expo. As part of this amazing group, I got some VIP passes to the event and even spent some time manning the Health Junkie booth with the amazing Ms. Tonette. We were fortunate to be near the stage. We got to listen to inspiring talks from wonderful guest speakers, while shoppers took selfie at our booth to join the raffle sponsored by Health Junkie and The Playground. The winner got an #LJFitChallenge kit worth P4000 which fits the Go Girl Expo's aim of promoting and empowering healthy and active Filipinas.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Tent
15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Health Junkie Booth
15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Speakers
Two Empowered Filipina sharing their expertise on being the best that you can be

Of course, I made sure to visit all the exhibitors too. There were so much to see, try, and buy. It's inspiring to meet and talk to woman entrepreneurs. There were so much products made by women, to empower women.

To share the experience, I picked 15 favorite things from Go Girl Expo. It was hard to choose because each booth had something great to offer. I decided to share my 15 favorite things based on what I purchased or want to purchase because I believe in the product. Here's the list in no particular order:
15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Fitness Gourmet

I first tried their food when I attended a Zumba event and I loved them already. They offer healthy, delicious meal that's still affordable. Plus points is that the meal won't make you think "healthy" (read: bland and taste really bad) which can turn off most.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Twisted Wires
Customized Greeting Cards

I wasn't able to note all the exhibitors' name. I was busy admiring their works of art (and shopping) so if this is yours, please say hi so I can give you a much deserved credit. Eitherway, I really loved these twisted metal wires. It adds fun to your old school cards, giving it new life.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Pop Junk Love

I've been stalking these amazing ladies in IG for a while now and I'm just awed with their talent. I wanted to get a super hero flushie to give as a gift but they didn't have it available on-hand at the Go Girl Expo. I settled for this Nyan Cat install, just because it reminds me of 9Gag (raise your hand if you de-stress with this site too). PopJunkLove items are really well made so it's more than just for display but it's something that my kid can really play with. Plus points for that.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Yabang Pinoy
Yabang Pinoy's MAY TANONG

"51 na mga katanungang hindi lang mag papalabas ng iyong pagka Pinoy, tiyak na magpapasaya rin ito sa inyong pagsasama-sama!" Get to learn about yourself and each other. Share a laugh answering these very Pinoy questions!

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Take Room Granola

This healthy treat of Burnt Honey with Cranberries had me eating guilt-free snacks.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Soak Soap

Notice the caption on that card? Yup, that yummy looking cupcake is an artisanal soap. They even smell as sweet as they look.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Y.E.T. Cosmetics

I rarely use makeup but this line had me wanting to hoard the full line, starting with their cleanser and primer. The Peeling Eraser Cleaner is an aloe-based gel cleaner that removes dead skin without the use of rough beads that can actually damaged the skin more. The Primer on the other hand allows you to look poreless. Something I badly want.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Estela

They offer reversible wears, from pants, to skirts, to blouses. Two styles in one? Perfect for a mom who rarely buys anything for herself.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo CraftMNL

I had a first hand experience with this talented group during the Leuchtturm1917event. I still can't get over all the artistic and creative vibe flowing from their small area in the Go Girl Expo.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Screen Prints
Screen Prints

I wish I could find their business card. I want to get a customized screenprint cloth from this exhibitor. The prints are well done and detailed at great prices too. I know they also offer workshops so it's really worth checking out.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Pinoy Comics

Comics on the next level! Our very own manga style publications written and illustrated by Filipinos. I met two of them, both ladies full of talent.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Bottle Cap Art
Bottle Cap Art

Recycling is one thing. Making them into cute, useful stuff and turning them into a business is only an amazing, empowered woman can do.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Canvas Pouch
Canvas Pouch

The Ta-Da! pouch was my favorite. That's one of Mila's favorite expressions. They have lovely prints and bags ranging from this small pouch to the big ones you can use as your shopping bag.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Printed Cards
Printed Cards

These are just three of my favorites but have have tons to choose from! The cards are at least 175gsm and the prints have vibrant colors. This booth also sells cute ribbon clips that I simply had to get for Mila.

15 Favorite Finds From Go Girl Expo Green House Project

There were at least 3 booths selling succulent plants, plotted on really charming pots. I'm biased towards The Green House Project because (1) they are right across are booth, and (2) this pretty girl stayed there for a while and I just love her whole ensemble. So chic, I got a lady-crush! All I can say is you go girl!


  1. I missed it :( Those in the photos are 2 good friends.

  2. Paulline @ milastolemyheartJune 12, 2015 at 2:33 PM

    Sayang, there's lots of good stuff talaga. Come to think about it, you belong to the Amazing, Empowered Filipina category too. :)

  3. Ang ganda ng mga items nila. I like the estela bagay na bagay sakin yun kasi two in one eh side A side b nlng sa office. hehe =)

  4. Cute cupcake soap! I f you didn't mention it, I would not have known.


  5. May De Jesus-PalacpacJune 13, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    I'm not sure I'll be bathing with that cupcake, I wouldn't have the heart, hihi. I'm considering joining the next takbo event, the all day play one, but I'm still looking for a babysitter.

  6. What awesome finds! But since I am into gardening, will probably spend hours at the green house project.

  7. 'Twas nice meeting you, Pauline. This looked like total women fun! I am no health junkie but the fitness gourmet looks yummy!

  8. I love the printed cards and the succulents!

  9. So many participating merchants - and innovative! This event looks so much, I hope I can attend a next time.

  10. These are really amazing finds! Naiinggit ako, I wish I was there! The Green House Project, comics and crafts are what I'm digging the most.

  11. Ang gaganda! At first my favorite was the Yabang Pinoy (ice breaker cards right?), and then it was the comics, and then the bottle cap card, and then the cards. Too many good products to choose from! I can imagine my money running low had i gone there haha thanks for sharing! :)

  12. Kat Jorge-RodriguezJune 14, 2015 at 12:55 PM

    I'm so into stuff like these, too bad I missed it.

  13. Pusheen!!! Been wondering where I can get a Pusheen plushie.

  14. Jennifer VillanuevaJune 17, 2015 at 2:08 AM

    wow such a kikay event! something about vibrant colors that drives us girls drooling.. sayang i missed it!

  15. The succulents! Looking at the photos, therapeutic na. What more kung nagsshopping ka in that place! :)


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