5 Tips To Maximize Your Visit To Love Desserts Buffet

Have you been to a buffet and you love the food yet you find yourself too full too soon? You only had a plate and you can barely put another spoonful in to your mouth, lest the chance of burping them all out (ewww!). That's kinda gross but it's true. All the amount of food you see can overwhelm you and trick your mind in to thinking you are full. When I go to a buffet place, I want to get the value of my money and enjoy as much food as I can without feeling sick. So what do we do?

Last weekend, Donna of Honey's Haven invited me for a late morning bonding at Love Desserts Banawe This is the second time I visited Love Desserts and it never disappoints. The first one was on their Fairview Branch. Though Love Desserts Banawe is closer to my place and opened first, I was a little hesitant to go then because I though it'll be hard to find and does not have options for commute. It was in fact easy to spot if you know the right landmark. It's right next to Bruno's Barber Shop, and near Z Square in Banawe corner del Monte.

The floor area is L-shaped so don't hesitate to come in if the front tables looked packed. There are a lot more seats waiting for you inside. All your senses will be awakened by the delightful sweetness of Love Desserts. Not only are the food sweet, it's the decor, ambiance, and service that are endearing.

To maximize your visit to Love Desserts Buffet, here's a few simple tips:

1. Take your time. Check out all the available food served. Go around the place without holding a plate yet or getting anything. Plan in your mind what you want for your first, second, and third plate, starting with what attracted you most.
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2. Small gets you more. It's very tempting to get that big slice of Nutella Cake. Or get a tall glass of halo-halo. But you want to try as many dishes as you want, specially if this is your first time. Get small servings of each. A bite or two is good enough for you to see if they are worth a space on your next plate. 
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3. Ask for the best seller. The pana cota is a best seller for very good reasons. Do not let your visit to Desserts Buffet end without trying the dish people always look for. Crepes are wonderfully fresh, made as requested. Get some milkshake. And make space for the red velvet cupcakes.
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4. It's not all about sweets. If there's any one tip I can share: alternate eating sweets with savory dishes. Yes, it's a dessert buffet place. But Love desserts also offers dishes to keep the "umay" at bay. 
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5. Go with friends. Good friends and good talk always adds to the fun of eating. You can also get a slice of different cake flavors and share. That way, you can get a bite (or more) of each. And when you are happily chatting away, you would not notice the pile of plates getting higher, calorie counting and guilt will be furthest from your mind. The more you will enjoy your food!

What ever your mood is, a little (or alot) of sweetness will definitely put a smile on your face. If food is still not enough, you can read the awesome cork board and read customer messages that goes something like this: "Buti pa and Desserts, may Love." ;)
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